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  • My first time to ever try WordPress. How about “Famous install have fun” ?

    This just sets me up for discouragement. It is similar to the recipe that says it only takes 10 minutes. Three hours later you are screaming and cursing or- fetal.

    I should know when the open the .php in the browser thing doesn’t work and then I don’t know what a text editor is that this is going to be really hell.

    Oh well, I’ll try to have fun, anyway.

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  • esmi


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    Was there a question in there?

    Actually in title.

    Can someone delete “Famous 5 – minute install ?”

    But seriously,

    What does it mean open up the .php file with text editor- I have Word Pad ? I didn’t know anything could be opened up from text editor. When I put in the address in my browser it took me to a website that said this domain might be for sale..

    I’m guessing the first place to go is the read me html after the download.



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    What does it mean open up the .php file with text editor

    Exactly what it says. Wordpad is not a text editor. Notepad is.

    Which .php file are you trying to open? wp-config-sample.php? If so, don’t bother. WordPress can create your wp-config.php file for you as part of the installation process. Once everything has been uploaded, just navigate to http://your_domain/wp-admin/install.php to start the installation.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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