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  • That’s a custom design, with a copyright. I don’t believe “cloning” of such is condoned by these forums.

    Yeah, exactly. Think about how you would feel if someone ‘cloned’ your site that you spent a long time creating.

    There are plenty of good themes available for WordPress, why not try one of those?

    If not, there are also a few people who browse these forums who’d happily modify a theme or create a new one for you (albeit usually for a price, but that is only fair for their effort)




    its amazing what you can find on the net with a little Google’ing:

    Only pointing that out because its always nice to know who youre dealing with.

    wow you know how to navigate the interweb LMAO

    Getting back to that so called custom design… what is so custom about it? I have seen dozens of blogs that look like that one.As a matter of fact, take a good look at it and tell me it doesn’t look very Regulus like?

    Very few designs are custom or truly original.If I saw something, liked it and wanted to reproduce it, I would have no reservations whatsoever.

    99% of the blogs out there are exactly the same with only graphics distinguishing one from the other.

    Bhoney, so you’re telling me that if you saw an original blog design and liked it you’d have no reservations essentially stealing it and reproducing it verbatim on your site, trying to pass it off as yours?

    I mean seriously. Those blogs who do go to the effort to make something original deserve the respect of the rest of the community. A rule of looking but not touching is just a basic ethical principle.

    Stealing code/designs is like stealing content. Not on.

    Sure, if you want to have a look at how something is coded, and then improve upon it for your own site then fine (Which may be what you’re suggesting). But ‘cloning’ sites should be frowned upon with the greatest of severity. It’s on par with stealing content in my mind.

    Of course, this is all IMHO.

    I would never clone a site or steal someones look or style.However, as I said before, most sites look alike in one way or another with only graphics seperating one from the other.

    People often request someone to make them layouts that look like those they have seen.This isnt eveil, unethical or even wrong.There is nothing wrong in wanting a design or layout that looks “similar” to another.

    A copy and paste job would be wrong.Stealing graphics and slapping your name on it would be wrong.Wanting something “similar” is not a crime.

    if they didn’t want you to steal it, then why would they post it to the web?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “if they didn’t want you to steal it, then why would they post it to the web?”


    kato – where is your site and can we steal all your content and styling and email and everything else. Amounts to what you just said ….

    For the record, my answer was based on the style sheet that read “Custom design for…” and the copyright notice at the bottom of the index. The OP didn’t ask for someone to create a similar design, he said clone, which means identical copy. Which is stealing in my book based on the original info.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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