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  • Hi Folks!

    I am having the worst time trying to upload pics both within the “page” and “post” tabs under the write tab in wordpress. Is there some (simple) other way to upload pics?

    I’m simply trying to insert a new photo in my mast header and replace the pic that came with the template. It’s gotta be much easier than what i’m encountering.

    I’ve already answered the obvious questions i.e, 1)Am I connected to the internet? YES 2) Is Word Press configured in my Cpanel? (Hostgator…) YES
    I have even uploaded themes via FZilla and am able to change them at will, but alas no success with uploading photos or any other type of media.

    Is there by chance an issue with the templates I have chosen? I’m sure this sounds ridiculous, but i’m starting to get desperate and frustrated!

    Help Please!

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  • Well, you could upload your files manually. In cPanel it would go something like this –

    – Log into cPanel
    – Click on File manager
    – Click into public_html
    – Click into your media directory (Or if you don’t have one, create it, then click into it)
    – Click upload and start sending up files.

    Then when you add media to a post, choose the URL option and point to the file you just uploaded… /yourmediafolder/yourfile.jpg

    I’m using this option for embedding media in my posts because my media is already uploaded.

    HOWEVER — if you haven’t already uploaded your stuff, and if you can get the wordpress upload to work for you, that’d probably be easier in the long run! What error are you getting when you try to upload?


    hmm, sorry if I double posted. Tried replying but it isn’t showing up. Short answer:

    – What’s the error?
    – If you’ve already troubleshot it to death, use file manager and choose the URL option when embedding media

    Hi Supernovia! (I mean Velda…*smile*)

    Thanks for responding to my post.

    So I haven’t actually uploaded files manually yet ( and I sure as heck
    hope I won’t have to…)

    As for an error message, i don’t get any. Nothing happens in fact. i’m surprised to see there are very few posts regarding this issue.then again… I guess it probably just means i’m a little technically challenged when it comes to websites. LOL

    I did however discover that you have to be mindful of the publish status. I think part of the problem was the scheduled time for changes to take effect. With that said I am still however puzzled by how to go about inserting media where i’d like to see it on my theme.

    Heres the theme i’m working on:

    Ultimately i’d like to replace the header pic (coffee cup) with my own pic. (It’d be even greater if i could insert video…) I’d also like to be able to insert an audio player to play audio when the website comes up.

    Lastly, i’ll need to insert Paypal buttons.

    Looking forward to your feedback.


    Well the header pic should be easy to replace. Right-click on the image and view it in a new window or tab. You’ll see the directory and image file name right there, and you can replace it with an image using the same name.

    For the other two you’ll have to have to play in the templates just a little bit. The paypal buttons will probably go in a sidebar.php template if you’ve got one, and the audio in your header more likely than not.

    A bit off-topic, but still -Just a small advise, Auto-play for audio in a web page is one of the biggest No-No’s in web design…
    There are a lot of blogs and pages to list the “DO” and “do NOT” in web design… In almost all of them , audio is on a respectible place in the “do NOT” list .
    just a small quote —

    There is one thing you should never ever ever contemplate in life. That one thing is this; Never ever ever put background music or music of any sort on your web site. If there is an equivalent of suicide on the web then this is it!

    If you want my own opinion, when a music starts on a webpage without me asking for it,and without being able to locate the “shut-up” button, I just close that page without even looking what’s on it.

    Thanks for the tip Krembo

    I actually feel the same way (LOL)

    But the audio will actually go hand and hand with the logo/pic that will be inserted as a parody.Even still I plan to have a “shut-up” button/option


    as long as we’re adding humble opinions — I’d say that depends on your site, what your goals are, and what you consider suicide. I enjoy listening to my friends playlists while I read their blogs, as long as I have the option to turn it off. 😉

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