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  • cruiseWP


    I am running WAMP and setting my site up locally before trying to move to an online host.

    I had the site working fine, but since installing Dreamweaver, and messing around with Live Code, i’ve broken something.

    my local wordpress site is at http://localhost/sitefolder/

    From here, if I click to view a sub page the address shows:

    It is missing the folder “sitefolder”

    If I manually type in the address: http://localhost/sitefolder/pagename/ it works fine.

    Any ideas how to fix – I’m just getting started with WP.

    I’ve tried choosing a new permalink style to try to reset it, but I’m lost.

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  • ImageOmega


    Hey cruiseWP,

    This is tough to diagnose properly since we can’t actually see what you have going on.

    It sounds like either dreamweaver inserted “”../” before the actual link or something else weird is going on with how you are linking the files/pages.

    How exactly are you inputting these links and where are they supposed to display? Menu navigation?

    Since you’re just running off your own pc at the moment, it may make sense to keep doing the workaround you are doing and when you make your site live, you can update the links. I’d tell you differently, but like I said, it is tough without seeing exactly what you’re doing.

    Hope that helps.

    Ninja vanish!



    These links are off the main navigation.

    How would I go about fixing them when I move them to a live site? Is there a ‘find and replace’ type option? I would be comfortable doing that with regular HTML/CSS, but not sure throwing php into the mix!

    Thanks for your help.



    Well, if you’re just linking navigation then you should probably be creating all of these links within the WordPress Dashboard itself.

    If you goto “Appearance –> Menus” you should see a list of all the pages you’ve created and have a drag and drop ability to link them or put them into your main navigation.

    Where your main nav is and how it looks is completely dependent on your theme (or your own personal CSS touches).

    If you’re trying to create any links, you’re really only using HTML. Unless you’re adding some of your own menus to the side bar and footer (if your theme lacks that). Even when adding things to a sidebar, you should be able to quickly link stuff using Widgets and/or a text box widget where you can input your own HTML.



    Yes that’s how I’ve created the menus. I just recreated the menu, and that didn’t fix it. I’m using the Valeta theme.

    Will keep looking for a solution and post back here if I fix it.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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