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  • Dear Sir/madam,

    I moved my web site form localhost to my web server.

    Using Duplicator Plugin.

    The settings in options are ok. I have admin rights in the local server so i have the same on the web server.

    Now i can browse the web site
    and log into it. However when i login i can see the Dashboard icon , however it does not open to give me more options.

    What could be wrong?

    Thanking you in advance for your prompt response.



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  • Hey Azhar,

    When you say Dashboard, do you mean the WordPress Dashboard?
    And what kind of options are you looking for?

    Hi Farbio,

    I mean to say wordpress Dashboard. Usually when you login , the development mode opens. In my case the home page displays and on clicking on the dashboard icon above , nothing happens and the we stay on the home page.



    I’m sorry kensoftwares, but I’m not sure what you mean with development mode.

    Can you please try to explain it further? What are you trying to achieve?

    Hi Fabio,

    My development moe i mean to say where you set appearces, see the plugins etc.

    How do you usually develop in wordpress? Where you set the theme, plugins , appearances , menus etc.

    I cannot get those options , all i get is the home page , even if i login.



    Oh! So by development mode you mean the WordPress Admin screen, I believe.
    You can see the dashboard, but not the side menu?

    Or, when you go to you are being redirected to the home page of your site, not the dashboard?

    Dear Fabio,

    The second one.



    I see! Sometimes WordPress plugins can cause this issue. Have you tried installing any new plugins lately and then this started to happen?

    Do you know how to access your server via FTP?

    Dear Fabiao,

    Yes i installed a theme tester ie , can this cause the problem?
    Ftp, That is a real nightmare , whenever i use it the server thinks i am try to enter forcibly as internet here is poor , it then blocks me and freezes my web site.


    And the wcolor theme was found not to be compatible , but i like its functionality.

    Since you don’t have access to the WP Admin, the only efficient way you can test if this is being caused by a plugin or theme would be to access your server and disable or delete plugins and themes.

    What’s your hosting company? Most hosting companies will offer you a file manager within the control panel. This way you can see your files and modify them without going through FTP. Do you have a control panel you can access?

    yes i do
    I use file manager to do all my stuff.

    Do i rename one theme after another and one plugin after another?

    Go to the wp-content folder and under the folder plugins, try to rename the folders by adding something like “-disabled” to the end.

    Here’s an example:
    You should have a folder called theme-check, under plugins.
    Rename this folder to theme-check-disabled

    This will disable the plugin. Look at the Choice 1 in this link for more info:

    Do this for every plugin and see if you regain access to your WordPress Dashboard. If you can, then you can start reverting the process one by one to isolate the plugin that’s causing the problem.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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