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    im not fully sure where to post this….
    im new here

    I am creating a site and maybe one day I will want to hide content from certain members.

    But for now what i really want is for users that never get to see the backend.

    I am using a dfferent plugin (types and view and cred) that allows users to post an article from the front end and such…(im creating a business directory via this method)
    but they need to be logged in so I figured this looked like a good place for a plugin that allows logging in.

    also I wanted that if a user wants to post an article they first must pay.
    can I use s2member to do this? like make a page -they pay -then they make it to the next page where they can post. so its sort of like blocking content but not really…. just blocking a page where they can post.

    it would be a one time fee each time.

    can s2members do this?


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  • See: s2Member® » Support Policy

    Support for Products by s2Member® is available only through our Customer Support Forum. Our customer support representatives are available Monday through Friday; excluding all major holidays. Our Customer Support Forum can be accessed through your account at s2Member.com. We also have a forum for Pre-Sale Questions.

    We ask that you submit all pre-sale and/or technical support questions through the appropriate forum at s2Member.com. An s2Member® support representative will gladly address your question/concern within 24-48 hours.

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