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  • Hi there

    I like the look of the features on register plus and was wondering if it could be used as a membership system so only registered users can read the blog, but also so you can terminate members or change their access areas.

    Is that possible or am I better off getting a membership system and running the blog inside it?


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  • Talia – No, the Register Plus plugin does not feature any sort of members only restrictions. I believe there are other plugins out there that do provide this though.

    Thanks for the reply skullbit!

    I thought with the write up about making the blog exclusive with invites that it might do what I was looking for. I’ll keep hunting for a plugin that will do the job


    On-going discussion here about creating Members-only sections, but a plugin called Members Only might be more useful for you?

    Unfortunately I’ve not tried the plugin myself, so am not sure if it is compatible with 2.5+. Apparently it should be though!

    i also have tried members only on 2.5.1 and it does not appear to work.

    I found register plus was great, but very limited for what I wanted it to do. I tried all the free membership plugins, but they either didnt work at all, didnt do what i wanted or had a problem and took days of no action on my blog to get a reply when I had a problem.
    I ended up paying for wp-member and it does everything I need, content manager and membership subscriptions.

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    Only a quick look at your profile would indicate you must be paying for the license through forum flooding 😉

    Anyway as an alternative and while it is more expensive (though once you take into account support it will be much cheaper) is Your Members a WordPress Plugin which we developed, like wp-members it does flexibile subscriptions and content management and access control. Unlike wp-members it provides rss by token, post delay, flexibile member management, custom registration and profiling the list goes so luckily we created a features page

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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