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  • I am experimenting with the new Post Format feature, and the first thing I’m wondering about, is IF we can add “custom inputs” to a specific Post Format?

    As I am developing a test site for a video producer, question Nr 1 is: can the Write/Edit page for the “Video” post format be tweaked, in a similar way as is possible for Custom Post Types, either by manually adding add_meta_box stuff to functions.php (as explained here), or via a plugin such as “More Fields”?

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  • I’d say that’s really a custom post type, not post format. Post format is more about styling on the front end, in my mind.

    Maybe that’s the intent of those post formats, indeed. But the codex page suggests that the UI for different formats may differ:

    Quote: Suggested UI is a quote text area and a citation textarea.

    My practical usage example: the “Video” post format will be styled and behave exactly as a normal post, but it will have a bunch of custom input fields:

    * jpeg caption
    * source file – webm
    * source file – ogg/ogv
    * source file – h264/m4v
    * video width
    * video height
    * video duration
    * subtitles en
    * subtitles alternate language

    My theme will be set up to produce a custom video player, using the input from those fields. I could add all those as custom fields, but i don’t want them to clutter the custom fields dropdown menu for ordinary posts. Also, having all the fields exposed upfront should make the editor’s task easier.

    What you’re suggesting is a custom post type for me.

    What I’m reading in to the description of the post formats is that if you use the post in the same way as always, you can have the post thumbnail, the headline, some custom fields and the content area behave in different ways depending on the post type.

    More like how tumblr works.

    But, it should be said, that I really don’t agree with this development. Seems like a miss match between formats and types in my opinion.

    I mean, you can do all the things you can do with post formats with categories already.

    Right, from what I’m reading, it seems more and more clear that the UI is not supposed to be tweaked. Those Post Formats are really just an additional way to categorize posts. The main benefit appears to be portability across different themes.

    More info:

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