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    I was trying to use Widgets on Pages on a website, that is using a theme that handle a few custom shortcodes…
    One of those shortcodes is a Testimonial slider… my idea was to use Widgets on Pages, to be able to change all the testimonials on just 1 place, and all the pages will load that content… so I created a text/html widget and called it using the Widgets on Pages shortcode… but the inside shortcode is showed as plaint text, not parsed at all…

    Any idea? what to do?

    Best regards!

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  • Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    Hey luuuciano,

    This is an interesting idea… though I think I’m a little confused. Does your “text widget with the shortcode in” work correctly when it’s just in the normal sidebar.


    Mmmm, do not remember… let me try…
    Noup 🙁

    So, that is the main problem? shortcodes are never parsed on text/html widgets?

    There is any plugin or way to achieve that?

    My idea was to have just one chunk of code/information, and call it from every page
    (to avoid having to edit every page just to add more information to that section…)
    Maybe my aproach is wrong, and there is a better way to handle it?

    Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    Hey again,

    Perhaps this little snippet will work?

    Can you perhaps be more specific about what you’re trying to do?
    It might be that there is an easier/better way to do this.


    ohhh, thanks a lot Todd!

    That was what I needed to have it working 🙂
    It was easy, did not know it…

    BTW, the “testimonial” shortcode is used on the Yourself theme, and looks like this:

    [testimonials_slider id=”about us” pause_time=”10000″] [testimonial author=”José Luis”]Realmente uds cumplieron en todo, tanto en el tiempo como en los materiales utilizados, muchas gracias ALCAZAR.[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Andrea y Fernando”]Nos enganchamos con la buena onda de Uds. y hoy por suerte contamos con nuestra casita, gracias.[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Esther y Roberto”]Me gustó conocer a los dueños, realmente gracias por todos los servicios ofrecidos y cumplidos en la construcción de nuestra casa.[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Mariano”]Gracias Alcazar, ya que con un préstamo personal y Uds. cumplí mi sueño de la vivienda propia.[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Osvaldo”]Por fin, logre el sueño de mi casita en el campo. Se conjugaron varios factores y uno de ellos fueron Uds. Muchas gracias Alcazar.[/testimonial] [/testimonials_slider]

    Then I did the widget, and called like
    [widgets_on_pages id=”Testimonios”]
    on pages…

    So, I just add that “content call” on all the needed pages, and actualize the Testimonial contents just on the widget! 🙂

    Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    Well it’s great news that has it sorted… though it sounds like modifying the theme slightly by either using the Widgets on Pages template tag or calling the testimonials slider by its own template tag (if it has one) might be better. Are you familiar with template tags?

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