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  • NextGEN automaticaly adds the filename to the “Alt&Title Text” field when an image is uploaded. You then need to copy/paste that into the (larger) “Description” field by hand. Then use shortcode [nggallery id=your-gallery-id template=caption] on your page/post and your thumbnail gridview display should show the filename as a caption.

    There is a way to have the caption appear without needing to do the copy/pasting but that involves editing the NextGEN code.

    My sites somewhat unusual so not sure about the comments query. Yours may work differently but on mine I see all gallery comments under every image page e.g. the comments on this woodblock prints gallery page are the same as on this single woodblock print page. It’s very frustrating as when someone says ‘I have this print’ I have no idea what print they are talking about – their comment appears under every print.

    Thank you so much for your help, Toshi. The comments as on your gallery page are exactly what we need but I could not find a way to make that happen. Images always showed up in a slideshow. Perhaps there was another plug-in installed overriding NextGEN. There was someone else working on the site as well.

    In frustration from having plugins competing with each other and the constant multiple updates required, we’ve since switched from WP to TikiWiki. Is NextGEN available for TikiWiki also or only for WP?

    Also, thanks so much for using your woodblocks prints page as an example. They are so lovely and such a nice think to wake up to. I appreciate your help very much. Thanks again.

    Check the NextGEN slideshow setting in Gallery -> Options -> Gallery and Gallery -> Options -> Slideshow.

    Comments are a function of WordPress so in theory if you have commenting turned on for a NextGEN gallery page they should be there.

    I’m not familiar with TikiWiki.

    Thanks so much again, Toshi. Will set up WP on a local server along with TikiWiki and see what I can do.

    TikiWiki is opensource and similar to WP but is more centralized. Features are built in rather than being separate plugins by separate developers so when there is an update to TikiWiki, like when WP updates their software, there is only one update to apply. No constant updates of separate add-ons and plugins that may or may not work or may or may not work with each other.

    And because it’s all built together, there is a central Support group, active user development group and User help groups.

    Will add WP in my local server again. This is a superb add-on and I thank you so much for it and for your help.

    And by the way, I can’t even count how many people and sites I’ve tried to explain this to since last August. Since none of them use what they develop, none had a clue what I was talking about.

    They never experienced the frustration you have: “It’s very frustrating as when someone says ‘I have this print’ I have no idea what print they are talking about […].”

    Exactly! Seems no-one thinks of images as something to be discussed individually even when in albums. Frustrating beyond frustrating!

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