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  • here’s my website, though the site doesn’t show the problem:

    ever since upgrading (automatic) to 3.1, I have been unable to upload/insert images into the post via the visual editor. This still works fine if I manually input the code into the HTML page.

    clicking the [add image][add video][add audio][add media] buttons do absolutely nothing.

    I’m using the dark nature theme here:

    i’ve noticed that the custom fields area provided by the theme, for “content lead image”, which is used as part of the slideshow, is broken. When I click the browse button, the screen grays out ~50%, but the typical dialog box that lets me browse the file, is missing.

    are these caused by the same problem? Do i need to revert to WP 3.0.5 for this to be unbroken?

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  • backup info:

    I’ve read and looked into the stickied post up at the top of the page already.

    given my limited knowledge, none of the solutions there apply to me.

    3.1.1 was applied automatically, and looking in filezilla, all the effected files are correctly dated 4/19/2011 on the server, so I assume the automatic update was done correctly

    I’ve cleared my browser cache many times tonight, I’ve installed firefox to try to test if that’s the problem. even tried it on internet explorer (i usually use chrome), none of them were any better.

    i have the latest flash installed

    I have 0.. that is ZERO plugins running, not a single one. even the default comment moderation one that came with 3.1.1 has been deactivated/deleted for this purpose.

    i’ve tried adding in the .htaccess file as suggested in step 6, and that didn’t help.

    the rest of the comments doesn’t seem applicable since i’m not even getting to that part.

    one more backup info:

    I swapped to a different theme, and it seems to be working now.. which doesn’t really solve my problem. I guess I have to contact the theme guys for support instead.

    I just wish WP updates actually cared about backwards compatibility.

    If you paid the theme vendor for the theme, then you paid for support and you should use it. From what I understand, the copies of the files you get when you buy a theme are free because they are GPL and what you are actually paying for is the support.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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