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  • My client has been having problems uploading to the media gallery. It works for a while then stops. I can not replicate this issue. I tried everything. Changed themes, deactivated plugins, did a clean install with no plugins, changed host. Nothing worked. I tried login in as him, I still could not replicate the issue.

    My client uses a MAC from different locations with the same intermittent error using different ISP’s. I was running out of ideas. Then I got him to login as me as all is fine!!

    We are both administrators but I am the original administrator so I have the first ID. Is this the only difference?

    How can I give him the same permissions as me? Should I change the ID in the database?

    Really happy that I have found the cause of the issue but would like to fix it.

    Any help, yes please

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  • My limited experience with changing user accounts via phpMyAdmin suggests not doing anything there. However, you might try making a new account to see whether it acts like yours.

    Thanks Lee

    It was a red herring, the media gallery stopped uploading after a bit. I think its a client side issue, something to do with the security settings on the MAC. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue. Any thoughts much appreciated

    There aren’t any known Mac specific issues – what browser is your client using?

    Have you tried creating a new user account for him?

    He is using Safari.

    He logged in as me and it worked for a bit. I rewrote the post as this one is a bit misleading as I thought the issue was fixed. Happy for you to delete this post and keep the new one. ta WPyogi

    It’s best to stick with one thread so volunteers here know what has already been said and done – I’ve retrieved your deleted post – copied here:

    My client has problems when uploading using his MAC. Both the flash uploader and the browser uploader stop uploading. The problem seems to be intermittent and I can’t replicate the issue on a PC.

    I deactivated the plugins, changed template, did a clean install with no plugins and changed host. I have asked the client to reinstall Flash player but I don’t think this is the issue as the browser uploader also gets stuck. Having read some old posts I think it could be down to the operating system of the MAC.

    I am completely stuck so please can someone help, even if it’s to say I have the same problem 🙂

    Turns out that it may be quite relevant – flash can no longer be uploaded as a security measure as of WP3.6 – so if the issue is only with flash, that would be why.

    If it’s not just flash, has he tried another browser?

    Thanks WPyogi sorry again for the duplication and thanks for retrieving the post.

    When I say the flash uploader I’m talking about using the multi uploader which I thought was Flash based. It is recommended to update your Flash Player if you have problems with the media gallery:

    The client is not uploading Flash, sorry for any confusion on my part.

    No he hasn’t used another browser I will ask him to try, but having read some older posts I think it’s down to a MAC operating thing.


    I can assure you that millions of users (including me) use Macs with no problem whatsoever :).

    Do you know what OS version he’s using?

    That’s what I originally thought, but having tried most of the obvious I am running out of ideas. It works on his MAC at the studio but not at home which is where he wants to update from. Well it works for a bit them stops.

    I will check which OS it is but I know the home MAC is older. Sorry I know nothing about MACs.

    Are there any security settings on a MAC or Safari that would block him.

    What browser would you recommend on a MAC other than Safari, Fire Fox?

    I am sure it is not host related. I got the host company to look through the logs and nothing showed up. Also I did a clean install at another host company.

    I have read an old post saying something similar about a Mac with OS X

    It’s very frustrating as I can not replicate the issue.

    It works on his MAC at the studio but not at home

    Are those different machines? Who is his home ISP? Has he reset the modem/router and flushed the DNS on the bad-acting machine?

    I’d use Firefox or Chrome.

    I would not pay much attention to old posts – WP has changed, OSX has changed, his situation is entirely unique, etc.

    Yes different machines. His ISP is Virgin, same as me, BT at his studio so there is a slight difference there.

    If you think flushing his DNS might help I will ask him to try. Is this done in the same way on a MAC? On a PC you type ipconfig/flushdns into the MS DOS prompt.

    The funny thing is I am thinking of being a MAC book pro 🙂

    Thanks for the point on old posts

    This seems to be relevant:

    Hard to say with something like this – so many variables… Any chance he can try another machine on the same network/ISP?

    Really, as I’m sure you know, the only way to sort these kinds of things out is by process of elimination – and when they are intermittent, that gets harder 🙁 .

    BTW, go for the MBP – this isn’t typical :).

    Thanks for the help

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