Support » Plugin: WP Offload SES Lite » Can not remove addresses from Confirmed Senders list

  • Hi

    I’ve installed Version 0.8.2 of the plugin on two websites now, which are both separate and independent from each other.

    In AWS SES, I have two separate verified e-mail accounts and two sets of SMTP credentials (ID and secret keys). Configuration has worked fine on both sites.

    However, in the list of Confirmed Senders on both websites, both e-mail addresses are appearing in the list of Confirmed Senders. The problem I have is that if I click the “Remove” button, a message at the top states that it has been removed, but it remains in the list.

    So I am worried that both websites have both e-mail addresses included as Confirmed Senders, which is not what I want. How can I remove the unwanted Confirmed Sender address from each site, and shouldn’t the remove button….remove them?

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