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    What plugins are you using?

    I tried using this alternative trackback testing utility and could not successfully trackback to your site – maybe a comment spam prevention plugin is interfering with the trackbacks.

    The correct utility to use is Owen’s Manual Trackback test to see if you can receive TBs.

    FWIW, I’m on DH and am using WP 1.52 and can receive TB successfully.

    Thank you for the link to Owen’s Manual Trackback test. And, thank you for having me think through my plugins once more. I am somewhat closer now.

    I use a plugin called BotCheck to sepparate human comments from bots and did not think that it would do anything with trackbacks, but in the return data after using Owen’s test tool I get this line:


    human=invalid is the message you get from BotCheck if you enter the wrong code while submitting comments on my blog.

    I will have to investigate BotCheck further to see if it is possible to allow trackbacks but keep the functionallity that prevents regular comment spam.

    BTW, if you’re worried about comment/TB spam, the best plugin is IOError’s Bad Behaviour plugin

    Do the manual pingbacks work for you? Mine don’t work and as I recall, WP returns a “parse error – not well formed” Certainly a message of no help to me. Don’t even know if it is a problem with RedAlt’s pingback setup or with WP on my site.

    I have now deactivated BotCheck and installed Bad Behaviour. Seems like both pingbacks and trackbacks are working fine!

    Thanks for helping me out!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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