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  • Hello,

    I am having a problem with linking my fan page to my social publisher.
    I click on the social publisher settings, there i click on “grant application permissions”, now I can select my fan page by selecting my page “Publish to a page”. Now I click on Save settings and I am back where I started. The same happens when I click on “allow new posts to a facebook page”.

    The only step I did not do is step three “Authenticate with Facebook to allow your Facebook application to post to your Timeline or Page on your behalf when a post is published ✓” However this one has a checkmark behind it.
    I also can not enable Publish to my Timeline. Here it sais: “An author can associate his or her WordPress account with a Facebook account on his or her profile page”. On my wordpress profile page I can not anything about facebook.

    I have an approved publish action with user messages, tags and explicitly shared enabled. I also have content creator permissions for the page and I have “Enable Open Graph features” checked.

    I am currently running wordpress 3.5.1 in dutch (NL) with the facebook plugin version 1.3.1. I am also running a customly written theme based on this tutorial:

    Sidenote: I have had moments when the Puglish to a page option stayed on my page like it should however I still could not post anything to the facebook page, also the settings for facebook did not appear on the new article page.

    Site url:

    I really hope somebody can help me fix this problem,

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  • Hello,

    I got my social publisher to save the “posting to page”, however it still does not do anything. Also when clicking “new article” there are no additional fields for Facebook.
    Also I still can’t figure out how to post to my own facebook page. There is no option for facebook on my profile page like there should.

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