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    Have been using this blog same ID / PW for over a year and just today it will not let me loggin.

    before logging in on the login page I get this error
    Your session has expired.
    ERROR: Invalid username.

    after I try and login I get this error:
    ERROR: Invalid username.

    Trying to email a new password at the loggin screen gives me this error:
    ERROR: Invalid username / e-mail combination.
    ERROR: Invalid username.

    I have gone into PHPMyAdmin and the ID and email is there in the table, I even tried to change the password in PHPMyAdmin – No Luck. The user_status is set to 0. I have no idea what that is…

    Cleared cookies and cache. Tried another browser.

    Any other ideas?


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  • ….Seems I have an even bigger problem. I get 404 errors on all pages , posts, comments, etc. They are all there in the DB tables though. If anyone can help please throw me a bone 🙂


    Can anyone please help? I have also refreshed the WP install 2.3.3, still no luck.

    Well, I was going to initially suggest trying a different browser to login and/or clearing your cache. But, if you’re getting 404 errors on all pages then you do indeed have bigger problems.

    I suggest getting your FTP tool out and inspecting your server directories for your WP files, or use CPannel to do this. Verify that everything is there.

    And if all else fails, make sure that your host isn’t down.

    (A url here would be helpful…)

    Run a tracert or ping to your site to inspect the path and verify that the server is responding to queries.

    – nina

    Sorry Link is

    It is now broken even further. The index page was at least showing the last 10 posts before the more tags. Now those don’t even show up. WTH is going on? I will check into your ideas when I get home from work.


    I nuked the DB and restored it and started to get a WordPress database error: User has exceeded the ‘max_questions’

    I searched this forum and found this thread:

    I am on an Ipower Web Host. I just added another DB user in their gay Vdeck and my problem is resolved. This host SUCKS!!!!!!!! I have had a another ticket open with them for weeks now with no response.

    You can never enter a new password into WordPress’ core database.

    (Please correct me if I’m wrong) but WordPress does a one way encryption to receive the long-complicated string, from your password.

    When you enter your password into the box, encryption happens again, the output is compared with that stored in the table, if they are the same, then it lets you in!

    Changing the passwords manually bypasses this encryption will result in failures to log in.

    I believe this is done to ensure that should a user use a password which they reuse for other sites etc, the admin cannot see!



    When I try to post on websites and I try to sign in it always tells me I have an Invalid User Name. What am I doing wrong? I am using the one I signed up with so what is wrong? Could someone there please help me with this problem. I am new to doing this and would appreciate any help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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