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    hi there,

    I’m using the online back-up for a while now. No problems.

    Than I’ve got this warning:

    ‘Your server does not support encryption’.
    verdere uitleg: ‘Encryption requires the php-mcrypt extension with AES or DES cipher support and a compatible message digest framework (php 5.1.2 where it is builtin, php-hash or php-mhash). Encryption is highly recommended and you should consider contacting your host regarding these requirements.’

    So I contacte my host and they’ve upgraded my site to php 5.3.3.

    Now I was able to enable encryption to AES 128 as recommended. I’ve entered a encryption key, but now I wasn’t connected to the online backup.

    So I tried to connect with my username and password and I inserted my encryption key. Now I keep getting the same warning:

    The encryption settings configured do not match those previously used with this blog. For the plugin to be able to utilise the existing backup data on the online vault, the encryption settings must match. Please re-enter them below. If you cannot remember these settings you will need to delete all data related to this blog from the online vault, after which you will be allowed to connect the plugin with new encryption settings.

    So I went to your website and changed my password. But that didn’t help.

    This is the information of my site and host:

    Online Backup for WordPress Plugin Version 2.2.18
    WordPress Version: 3.5.1
    PHP Version: 5.3.3
    MySQL Server Version: 5.1.41-community
    MySQL Client Version: 1.0
    Mem: 256M; Post: 32M; Upload: 32M; Timeout: 30
    End of Information

    How can I connect again??



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  • Plugin Author Online Backup


    Hi Joanneke,

    This means you already have data stored on our vault without encryption. So when you try to enable it and connect to online vault, it’s telling you there is a mismatch.

    We can’t mix data like this. Everything stored online needs to be encrypted the same. If it were different when you download files it would need different encryption details all the time! To download a full backup of your site might require 10 different keys! This is because our backup is incremental – we only take the changes – so the parts of your site that haven’t changed would end up using older keys to the new parts that have changed.

    What you can do is download a backup so you have one by logging to
    You can then request to delete all the data backed up for the blog. It will delete 24 hours after you click the Delete button – you can cancel at any point until then.
    Once deleted and gone, you can then connect the plugin using different details.

    Basically, can only change the details if there is nothing backed up already. Otherwise need to delete anything already backed up first.


    thanks Jason, I’ll try that.

    topic resolved

    hi Jason, one more question. I’ve deleted my back up after download a full back up and will wait for 24 hours. Do I now need to remove the plugin and install again after 24 hours? or isn’t that necessary?

    jason, it works! just to be sure i deleted the plugin and installed it again. now everything is working fine. thanks!

    Plugin Author Online Backup


    Hi jodelajo,

    You wouldn’t need to reinstall!
    But you should make sure before the delete finishes you go to Online Backup Settings and logout. If a backup accidentally runs before you get to change settings it’ll use the old encryption again! Logging out prevents anything connecting to the vault.

    Once deleted you can then change encryption details and then Login again inside the plugin. Future online backups will use the new encryption details.



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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