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  1. StudioPatrice
    Posted 2 years ago #

    - Approximately three years ago I installed WordPress on our website in: http://www.studiopatrice.com/wordpress/ directory, intending to create a blog in: http://www.studiopatrice.com/blog
    - I ran into some installation difficulty (or some other difficulty, I do not now remember) and reinstalled WordPress in:
    http://www.studiopatrice/wordpress2/ directory. But, I believe, that did not solve any problems then, so I gave up for the time being on creating a blog
    - A year later, I decided to try again, this time putting the blog in our news bulletin: http://www.studiopatrice.com/on-fine-art/blog/. Again I ran into some difficulty (what I do not now know) and again I gave up on the blog
    - Fast forward to today - I am told that I can create a new website using WordPress on http://www.studiopatrice.com
    - StudioPatrice.com was originally created with NotePad using HTML code over 10 years ago. It now looks outdated, unprofessional and would be extremely difficult and time consuming to modify. I would like to create a new, temporary website at StudioPatrice.com with WordPress, until I can learn how to use DreamWeaver to create a new modified website.
    - The Problem: I Can Not Modify the Template Themes! Every time I change the Theme in Appearance on the WordPress Dashboard, I get a blank webpage at http://www.studiopatrice.com/on-fine-art/blog/. And the blog TRIES to appear in the http://www.studiopatrice.com/wordpress/ directory. (I also updated the WordPress software yesterday to the latest version)
    - I Now Have the wp-admin, wp-content & wp-include directories in EACH of the following directories:

    http://www.studiopatrice.com/wordpress/ (Where the dashboard works)

    - I believe I should delete the wordpress2 directory
    - The Changes I make are only being made in the wordpress directory, but not in the on-fine-art directory (As noted in my webhosting file manager)
    - My General Setting in my Dashboard is as follows:
    WordPress Address (URL): http://www.studiopatrice.com/wordpress/
    Site Address (URL): http://www.studiopatrice.com/on-fine-art/blog/
    - Why does the blog, with the updated themes, not appear in the on-fine-art/blog/ directory until I revert back to the original theme ("Twenty Ten")?
    - After I get the themes to work and have selected my desired theme, will I be able to create a new website on http://www.studiopatrice.com using WordPress and have a separate WordPress blog in the on-fine-art/blog directory. In other words, can I have two or more websites and a blog appearing in the WordPress dashboard?

  2. Endlyss
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Woah. sounds like you have quite a web of chaos going on here.
    My advice: If you do not have anything you need on the sub-directories, then start over.
    Clear out the everything related to wordpress and just sit back, take a deep breath and start a new (with the latest versions too)

    Take a look at the WordPress Installation walkthrough before you begin.

    For wordpress, installation of template files need to be in the same directory as the theme you are trying to use. (which is path-to-dir/wp-content/themes/theme-name)

    Take a look at the Theme Development Codex

    IF you choose to install it on the root directory (http://www.studiopatrice.com)
    MAKE SURE to back it up first so that you have access to the information that is there now.

  3. StudioPatrice
    Posted 2 years ago #

    - I am now using the Twenty Fourteen theme
    - It appears in the http://www.studiopatrice.com/wordpress/ directory (not in the http://www.studiopatrice.com/on-fine-art/blog/ directory as it should)with this in the contents: "Not Found" "It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?"
    - I did a search which took me to: http://www.studiopatrice.com/on-fine-art/blog/?s=studiopatrice and a blank page!

    Can anyone help tell me why and what I'm doing wrong?

  4. Endlyss
    Posted 2 years ago #

    It's because of the way you had your site urls set up.
    Like I said you may want to consider starting fresh and uninstalling all 3, because you have successfully blended 3 different wordpress installations :P

  5. StudioPatrice
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks Endlyss;

    I and my web hosting tech support deleted two of the three wordpress directories. The tech support deleted and reinstalled WordPress in the http://www.studiopatrice.com/wordpress directory.

    All I need to do now is find a template/theme similar to one I have been working on at: http://www.studiopatrice.com/index2014.html except with a grey background. But I suppose this is meant for another post.

  6. Endlyss
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Well, to be honest that part is totally up to you how you handle.

    Don't close your mind off just yet to finding one that is similar, because there are TONS of free themes out there, as well as premium ones.


    My tip is to start there^^^

    there are 150 pages of themes to choose from :P

    I wish you luck, and glad to help with what I could.

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