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    Hi. I have Publisher theme in my website, and I installed this plugin for change default forum theme. But this plugin can not change anything in my forum.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Robin W


    have you been through the ‘not working’ tab in

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack>not working ?

    Thanks for your response. Yes I read it this tab. First of all, I deleted cashe and also restart browser. Nothing happen :).

    Plugin Author Robin W


    what does the tab say about theme files and css?

    Honestly I didn’t understand this section. You just say: This may or may not be affecting the working of my plugin – contact my support site if you need further help

    We must be change bbpress files in theme? and css location?

    Plugin Author Robin W


    I cannot guarantee my plugin to work with all themes, as I don’t control all themes and theme authors can do anything they want.

    I may be able to help further, but I need to know what that tab says about theme files and css to be able to help further.

    If you want to copy that page into this support forum, that would help me

    I know dear. I just open this topic for you to improve this amazing plugin.

    Which page you want? Not working tab? or bbpress files?

    Plugin Author Robin W


    the not working tab please

    It’s not working !!
    It may be as simple as closing and restarting your browser, so try this first !!

    If that doesn’t work…

    Style pack works with many/most sites, but it can fail due to a myriad of reasons, including (but no means limited to) site permissions, php versions, other plugins and most often site themes where the theme author has altered bbpress files.

    This is no-ones fault – whilst I can control how bbpress performs, there are many thousands of plugins and themes, all of which may be trying to amend the same stuff as I am, and many host poviders who will have differing but equally valid permission and code versions.

    Problem finding
    1. “caching” software that speeds up the download of your site, but may not recognise and immediately make changes from my plugin

    Do you know if you are using caching software? If so then try refreshing, purging or deactivating to see if this fixes.

    If you still have the issue, we need to work out which parts are working and which not

    We need to look at 2 areas – files and css

    2. Files
    If your theme author has changed bbpress files in his theme, this will be for valid reason, which may relate to either style or functionality

    The following bbpress files are held a bbpress folder in your theme

    This may or may not be affecting the working of my plugin – contact my support site if you need further help

    3. CSS
    If css had loaded then the text below will have a green background, if it has not loaded this will be a red background

    This sentance should have a green background

    If the background is red, then try amending the “css location” tab above

    check the activate box and set the location to
    and save these changes
    and then come back and re-check this area.

    Plugin Author Robin W



    Yes your theme author has copied all the key bbpress files to the theme, so many of my changes may be affected.

    what color is the css?

    Background color is white. Forum use template theme Not default bbpress forum template.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    sorry, my bad phrasing

    in the not working tab, what color is this part

    This sentence should have a green background
    If the background is red, then try amending the “css location” tab above

    Background is green dear.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    can you give me an example of something you are trying to change

    I was pulling my hair out too trying to change the font in my theme (Astra). After reading this topic I decided to play around with the css location, under the tab “css location”. In the field titled “Enter bspstyle.css location” I added this:

    The entire url is now the same as what was suggested in the tab.
    Now I can change all the fonts to my whim. Yay!!

    Never mind. I still can’t change features.

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    Activated the bbp style pack and made numerous changes to various forum settings. Saved and went to my forum page. Nothing had changed! Went back to bbp style settings and nothing had been saved.

    What’s up?

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