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    I have a puzzle.
    As I have described in an earlier post I have a wordpress MU install with 15 sites. Polylang is set on each one of them. The setup was on my local machine where I can associate without a sweat thanks to your amazing plugin a template page per language.
    I have just transferred everything to the production site, no problems for 14 sites. And then there is the one that apply the same template to all four languages.
    I have deleted the site recreated it from scratch, created the four pages applied the four templates(so far so good) and then when I link them, the page I link from will force its template on the others.
    If I am in the English page, it will apply its template to the three others, If I go to Spanish page to amend, the Spanish template is applied to all others. The funny thing is that each page has four sub-pages with its own template and they are linked to the other sub-pages without problem.

    I installed another instance of wordpress on the production machine, same problem with this site (1 out of 15) which works perfectly locally.

    Any hint on where I should look to debug?

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  • Plugin Author Chouby


    If you don’t want the same template for all the translations of a page, you should go to Polylang settings and uncheck the synchronization for page template.

    Chouby, thanks a lot, it did the trick!!!.

    For your information, I would like to point out that on my local machine and the other 14 sites on the production machine this setting is checked and the problem does not appear: each language-page has its own unique template file.
    In other words, only 4 pages out of 120 on the production machine were being synchronized when they should not have been and none on my local machine.?!?!

    Plugin Author Chouby


    That’s really curious as all my tests do the synchronization when it is requested (and only when it is requested). Could it be a theme or plugin conflict? Anything present on your 14 sites and not on the last one?


    I have found one difference when I stumbled on another problem:
    on my home machine I had setup (by mistake)the home page to display the most recent posts while on the production machine it was set as a static page (which is what it is supposed to be).

    Set as a static page even with the translated pages I was unable to access to the registration page, any attempt to get there would redirect me to the home page. This was puzzling because I had no trouble with the login and reset password pages.

    I deinstalled all plugins but polylang, this is when I found the difference. I switched the front page settings to display the latest posts on the production page and it resolved my problems for the register-page.

    It was such a “small” nuisance compared to all the benefits of your plugin and the amount of work that I still have to do to complete the site that, I am afraid, I contented myself with this quick fix.

    Further down the line, if I can , I´ll try different pairing of plugins to find the source of the original misbehavior.

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Could you give me more information for the register-page issue? Do you mean the ‘wp-signup.php’ page which should be redirected to ‘wp-login.php?action=register’?

    I understand you are using a static page. Are you using default or pretty permalinks? What are your Polylang settings?

    No I meant the “Register” link from the wp-login.php page is sending to the home page instead of /wp-login.php?action=register
    when the “Lost your password?” link is doing its job

    Permalink settings:
    common settings with day and name

    then polylang:
    Default language: English

    Detect browser language checked

    URL Modifications: the language is set from content
    remove /language/ in pretty permalinks

    Media checked

    Synchronization: only page template is unchecked

    Plugin Author Chouby


    I am not sure I understand exactly where is the issue. But I do not reproduce any issue, even with your settings, on:
    In all cases, I am kept on the right page (no redirection to homepage) and the language is set as expected.

    You wrote that you tried without any plugin except Polylang. Did you try with a default theme?

    I am using twenty twelve

    Plugin Author Chouby


    I use twenty twelve to for my tests 🙁 Is it a standard install or a multisite install (in that case is Polylang activated at network or site level)?

    It is a MU install with sub-directory option. Polylang is activated at network level

    Plugin Author Chouby


    I believe I got it. Could you test the development version?

    Sorry Chouby, I just got your email, damn gmail mail organization.

    I will give a try at the end of the week.

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