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  • Hello everybody! I’ve had WP on my website for quite a while now, and never had a problem with it until recently. Since the update to 2.9 (installed through the admin interface because I’m too lazy to do it manually), I have been unable to install or update plugins via the interface. It downloads the archive into the wp-content directory just fine, but stops when it hits “Unpacking the package.” There isn’t any delay at all from the time that is flushed to the browser from the server, and it appears that the execution of the scripts stops immediately after echo’ing “Unpacking the package.” and flushing. Doing error_reporting(E_ALL) displays no error messages, only a few warnings about some plugins redefining constants.

    Any thoughts or ideas? Like I said before, I’ve had this WP install running flawlessly for well over 6 months on this particular hosting account, and for years longer (but with different hosts). Thanks in advance for the help!

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  • Scratch that – I figured it out. After having a simple hunch (the second I posted above), I disabled the Backupify plugin that I added about the same time I updated WordPress. For some reason it’s blocking updating plugins – I’ll have to rummage through the code to see why.

    Hi, I have exact same issue this morning – deactivating backupify works as a workaround allowing new plugins to be installed…and then reactivate backupify – I will submit a case to backupify.


    Hi backupify have now issued a new plugin 1.01 with a fix, contact them directly and request the files if they are not yet available online.


    @jonnyfunfun – an updated package that fixes this is available here: (as of 1/3/2010)

    The latest version can be downloaded anytime in the WordPress service section on


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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