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  • GirlGamerIWC



    I updated to the new version of WordPress and now my custom “Introduction” page is no longer working. (I include static text, links and images above my news)

    I can’t change to the text tab to edit the html anymore.

    All the double spacing and code isn’t working, it just pushes all sentences together. It looks really bad and I have no way to edit it.

    The problem is something like this: the introduction page plugin is trying to use a js file in a way which is not possible in the new wordpress release.

    I haven’t been able to find a solution for this.

    Is there another plugin that allows you to place text, videos, images, links above the news or main post body like I’m doing now –

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  • Bill


    Have you tried the support channel for the plugin? Maybe they have an update for you, especially if it stopped working in 4.3.1.

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