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  • I used to love this plugin. I’ve been using it since 2016. The upgrade from version 2.xx to 3.0 was a mess. It broke a ton of stuff, which left me hanging onto version 2.xx. I decided not to upgrade my live site, since it relied heavily on this plugin. I thought I’d wait for the bugs to be worked out before upgrading. Then I let my license expire due to the messy transition, but again planned on upgrading once the bugs were worked out.

    I understand not being able to upgrade to new versions once my license expires, but being locked out of downloading the version that was current when my license was valid is poor business to me. I now get the following message when trying to download the version I paid for: “Your license key for this purchase is expired. Renew your license key and you will be allowed to download your files again.” Instead of trying to transition from the 2.xx version to 3.0, I’d rather move to another plugin option with better business practices.

    Also, v3.0 still doesn’t work on my site.

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  • Plugin Author Eyal Fitoussi


    Hey @shshshea,

    I understand not being able to upgrade to new versions once my license expires, but being locked out of downloading the version that was current when my license was valid is poor business to me.

    This is how it always been. This is how the plugin that I use for the licensing system of GEO my WP works. Yet, whenever a user contacted me regarding a previous version of the plugin I have provided the latest version released before his/her license expired. I never said no.

    Regarding version 3.0; Yes, for some users the upgrade was a mess.

    I developed version 3.0 almost from scratch. 80% of the core was modified. I worked on it for over a year. Why? because the previous code was about 7 years old. I wrote it before any of the extensions were available. Slowly I added lots of features and extensions. I built more code on top of old code that was not meant to be extended in such way. The code became a mess. Difficult to manage and to understand.

    So I decided to write new code, a better code that will be easy to extend and manage and will improve the performance of the plugin. When you do that, you would expect bugs and sometimes messy updates. That’s the nature of code and software development. Especially when a single developer works on such major update of a complex plugin and extensions with limited time and resources. After all, GEO my WP is a free plugin, so my resources are limited.

    Yet, I have help to each and every user who contacted me regarding issues with the update to v3.0. I used my time to fix some issues directly on their sites even though some of those users were using the free version only. I also wrote blog posts about the update process.

    The user always has the option to contact support and the plugin devs to try and solve any issues before posting a review. I don’t understand why one wouldn’t do so.

    I also don’t understand why one could love a plugin and use it for a couple of years and won’t bother that take a moment to post a positive review. But would be so quick to post a 1-star review the moment something goes wrong.

    Best of luck with your project and finding another plugin with better business practice.

    I’m sorry if I offended you. You sound pretty upset.

    I wasn’t quick to rate when the “first thing went wrong”…cause that would have been the update process. I had rated the plug-in 5 stars before all of that and have recommended it numerous times to others. I think it would be wise for you to put somewhere that if we need to re-download the plug-in again, to write you and you’d send it. I’ve received support from you in the past and greatly appreciated it. I believe I figured out what the issue was with the old versions of the plugins as well as v3, which means Id most likely go through with updating all the premium plugins as well.

    Again, I’m sorry if I offended you, but hopefully you can see from a clients side how it may have been frustrating to think I could no longer download the plug-in when I really needed it.

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