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  • Hi all,

    I have been playing around with themes on my local server, and I don’t remember ever needing to login before–or even setting up a username or password. Today when I went to edit my site, I keep being directed back to a login page.

    None of my potential passwords work, and attempts to have a password mailed simply results in the message, “That username or email doesn’t exist.”

    Attempts to register a new username doesn’t work either. I simply do not think I ever set up a username or password for this site as it isn’t live. How can I acces it now?

    Thank you!

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  • Your username should be admin or Admin and you set a password during the WordPress setup. Try using the lost my Password option.

    If this is just a test site with no real content, the easiest way probably is a new installation. To do that rename the wp-config.php file and delete the database you set up for WordPress (usually via PHPmyAdmin)

    This should cover any scenario:

    WordPress creates a default admin account at the time of installation. As part of that process, it usually asks for a password before installation can be completed. Use one of the methods described in this article to reset your admin password. Resetting Your Password

    [edit] what marv51 said.. I’m a little slow on the keyboard today. 🙂

    Go to phpmyadmin and look for users,find admin, you will see an md5 code for the password delete that and type in a new password set to md5.Save it Now try to log in as normal

    Wow! My internet was down for 2 days and I am amazed at the number of quality responses to my question!! This is a fantastic community.

    I will give those a try and report back. The ADMIN username is ringing a bell now…

    Thanks so much!

    Unfortunately, none of the suggestions worked (or, I am not doing them correctly). I have tried several times to have the password e-mailed to me, but it continues to say that the user doesn’t exist–even though it is clearly listed as a user in my phpmyadmin panel from MAMP. Sometimes I do get the message that a password has been e-mailed to me, but then it isn’t. In fact, I don’t have a single e-mail from WordPress regarding my local setup, so I’m not sure how my email would be registered in the first place.

    I have changed my password in phpmyadmin, and the change shows up on MAMP, but then doesn’t work when I go and try it. I have tried every possible combination of username, password (root, admin, ADMIN, TheScienceRoom, etc.) and I just keep getting the annoying shaking of the screen that is making me dizzy at this point.

    The strange thing is that I have been playing around with my website for weeks, and haven’t had to log in at all until recently–which is why I don’t have a clue what my username or password might be.

    It looks like I’ll have to delete every file and start from scratch. Thanks so much for the suggestions, though.

    Please read the page I liked to in my last post. You will find many ways to restore your password there.

    Also username is case sensitive I think. Watch out for that. Try ‘Admin’ (capital A).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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