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    I see a similar post from a few months ago, marked as ‘closed’, but without any apparent resolution.

    The power of P2 is great. But the biggest weakness I have found is its apparent inability to notify a user of a post mentioning them. In a group environment such as P2 is intended to support, being able to flag someone down via email and have them check the blog is important. I need to be able to assign a task to someone within the blog and hoping they stumble across it isn’t adequate… I need an email to fire over their way informing them of the post.

    Maybe this is falls into the area of ‘plug-in’ rather than ‘theme’, but a solution of some sort would certainly be good for me! Wondering… would BuddyPress add this functionality?

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  • No response to this… maybe someone could tell me if this is something that could be incorporated into P2, or is it something that would be implemented via a plug-in (if someone cared to write one)? I suspect this should be handled via ‘plug-in’ but I’m not sure where the functions of a theme end and those of a plug-in start…?

    Beau Lebens



    This is definitely something we’re hoping to work on in the future, but we don’t have a timeline just yet. We think it’d be valuable as a plugin for WordPress in general, so it might not be exclusive to P2, but it’s something we’re thinking about.

    Admittedly, I’m far from a programmer, but it seems reasonable that the function that notifies a poster that a comment has been made could be leveraged to offer this functionality… especially valuable in BuddyPress!

    Hopefully it will happen in the next little while, because I’d be happily using it right now if it was available! 🙂

    Thanks for the response!

    Beau Lebens



    BuddyPress actually already has a notification system that includes when one user mentions another user 🙂

    We’ll be looking at doing something similar for non-BP sites (maybe using the work that’s already been done on BP though).


    Yes, I figured out that BuddyPress does have that functionality, but P2 doesn’t seem to play nicely with BuddyPress from what I’ve read… so there’s my problem in a nutshell.

    I like that P2 recognizes mentions as you type them and drops down a box of possible users. My BuddyPress install (different site) doesn’t seem to do that. It would be a great addition to BuddyPress.

    I just saw that the next release of BuddyPress is supposed to put the theme problems behind us… that BuddyPress will integrate with any ‘regular’ theme. Hopefully that will solve the problem I have… I can install the new version of BuddyPress when it become available and it should integrate nicely with P2…

    All I can do is wait I guess. 🙂

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