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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    No, there is no support for using Email Users on the front end side. There is no plan to add it either at this time.


    I appreciate the quick response. =)


    Sorry if this topic is marked as resolved, but it is letting me post a reply here…I will be happy to open a new topic if required.

    Anyway, the Email Users plugin is the only one I’ve found that integrates with User Groups (by Katzwebdesign). I also need a frontend group email solution, because those using it likely won’t be admins, and won’t be going into the admin area for ANYTHING else, thus sending them there for this one feature would be quite jarring.

    I only need the /wp-admin/admin.php?page=mailusers-send-to-group-page to be exposed to the frontend. Everything else can remain as is. Could you describe how this MIGHT be accomplished in the plugin’s php files, or else would you be willing to provide this enhancement as a paid service?

    I appreciate your help, as this is the last major feature issue I’m trying to resolve with my app’s beta 🙂

    In other words, I don’t need Buddypress or any other membership-type plugin like that, because I already have all of those types of features configured; I JUST need a frontend UI for these non-admin users to send emails to particular groups 🙂

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    My plans haven’t changed on this – no plans to implement such a feature at this time.

    It isn’t because I don’t think it would be useful but when you deal with the frontend it means you’re dealing with a million different themes and their idiosyncrasies. Unfortunately the support load that comes along with plugins which interact with the theme can be significant. They also tend to be hard to replicate without access to the theme.


    Thanks for your response, and I can respect your stance. I didn’t have any hopes of integrating it into the theme itself and keeping the backend configurations; rather, I expect a custom page would have to be built. It wouldn’t update when the plugin updates, etc., and I accept those risks.

    I was hoping you might be able to point out how I might, if I were to make the modifications myself, change some URLS in the plugin functions somewhere so that mailusers-send-to-group-page form could still access the plugin and admin files in order to function, but be accessible on the frontend, from the theme-file directory itself, or at the very least from a URL like

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I realize I never responded to this when it was posted.

    As I noted, this question comes up periodically and the only viable solution i can think of is to create a shortcode which could be dropped on a post or page where the end user could use the email functionality. Sounds good right? reating a shortcode is easy. The problem is what to render and how to make sure it looks “correct”.

    On the Dashboard I can depend on the Dashboard CSS. On the frontend I have no idea what the theme will define CSS for and what the CSS might do to a form. I’ll see if I can find some time to try an experiment and see how it works with a couple of the WordPress supplied themes. If it looks ok, I’ll consider adding it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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