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Can it be made to selectively disable links on thumbnails?

  • Hi!

    This plugin is halfway to brilliant. Halfway because:

    (1) sometimes, I need the links.


    I’m using a full-size print-screen


    to a smaller image in order to demo my WordPress themes. THAT link should not be disabled.

    {2} on the other hand, even with your plugin activated, thumbnails (in WordPress galleries) are not disabled, but in my case, I


    them disabled, because I am using my galleries with the Postcards plugin to create an e-card service.

    Postcards adds a link under THUMBNAILS from the gallery. But the darn thumbnails behave like regular images, with a hand appearing, and of course you will click, and you get an image of the image, taking you away from the e-card link below. And from the whole site.


    However, I want my visitors focused on the link


    the thumbnail; and not on the hand on the thumbnail. They will see the larger image inside the window that pops up with the e-card form.

    Question: Is there a way with your plugin to selectively “enable” links that are wanted; and selectively disable links that are not wanted — i.e., even though they are on thumbnails?

    It would be handy if, in the Admin area to your plugin, there were checkboxes where I could:

    (1) first, globally disable links; and then,

    (2) second, in addition, let’s say add a gallery URL to an “exception” field in Admin, so that even though they are thumbnails in that gallery, they will be disabled; — or, if this can’t happen,

    (3) instead of having the bigger image come up from a thumb, and shove the page out of sight …. could that linked image at least be made, by default, to pop up in a window in front of the page?

    (4) last, would be handy of there could be some way to expressly “enable” a link — in particular links I


    add in, as opposed to links that are auto-generated by the WordPress system?

    Right now, your plugin disables all links including my manual links; but does not disable links on thumbs.

    This is a brilliant plugin, BTW, I hope it can be taken to the next level.

    Thank you!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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