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  • Plugin Author Anil Meena


    Hi torreplaya,
    You can manage widget layout by using custom css to display it in a single row.

    Thanks Anil, if you wouldnt mind another few of questions about it: (see I have spent over a month sitting on the pc and there is just so many little things I need to make your plugin looks great “according to my tastes obviously”

    1 – what is exactly the code/file that I would need to customise with css for the inlines search?
    2 – can I have an instance of an inline search and another of the usual search in order to have the inline in my front page (no listing) and the other one as usual in the sidebar
    3 – PLEASE WHERE can I find the file to change the “feet – square feet – bedrooms – bathrooms” showing on the right, within the details tab, in order to make them display in Spanish to the end viewer, even if it is by changing the wording on the file, myself?
    4 – Is there a way to call the awesome fonts icons to replace the “bedrooms”/”bathrooms” etc with icons?
    5 – I have a copy of the archive-listing.php and the single-listing.php already on my Divi Child Theme… could I get the latest version of your plugin (I have the .1) BEING TOTALLY SURE I will not lost my previous work – lots and lots and lots and lots more? (see, your plugin was not compatible with Divi Elegant Themes and I have had to do MIRACLES WITHOUT AN END to make them both being compatible (and that was because Divi support team DID UNBELIABLE THINGS FOR MY in order to make them both being compatible despite they could have – they would have been on their total rights – told me that help/support issue for said compatibility issue was not part of their work

    That would be all I need to make your GREAT PLUGIN looks gorgeous and not like “messy” with a combination of languages etc etc

    My website, pretty much finished by now can be seen at
    and to see your IMPress Listing directly

    Thanks very much in advance and congratulations for such a great plugin 🙂 Im so happy I didnt gave up as I was going to do well over a month ago


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    Plugin Author Anil Meena


    Hi torreplaya,

    You can update plugins latest version 1.3.0 which provide you to display inline widget from widget setting. Just you have to select checkbox for display inline widget where you want otherwise it will display as normal widget of sidebar.

    Also check I have added translation function to plugins file & also submit plugins Spanish translations to so if you want any changes in translation please update it on the given link.



    However, I cant see such checkbox in order to choose the inline version of the search feature

    After I have update the plugin to the newer version to be honest with you I cant see any change at all in the widget to be honest

    Thank you for providing the link for translation. I did already managed using some string querries supplied by some friends

    Thanks very much again and I would appreciated if you could explain a bit better, thought, your explanation is very clear, YET, I cant see such checkbox and in fact I cant see any change at all

    Thank you

    Plugin Author Anil Meena


    Hi torreplaya,

    Please check you can found inline widget checkbox in Appearance -> Widgets section when you added wp listings custom search form widget in sidebar before widget “Save” button.

    Also check this screenshot


    Thanks very much Anil – I will check it tomorrow, is quite late here in Spain now

    My search widget have many other taxonomies as well as these two on your screamshot. I will imagine mine will display all my taxonomies

    As I say, thanks so much in advance and I will comeback to you after checking properly

    Cheers mate – great job with your plugin 🙂

    If I can give you anything back, translation, whatever, please do not hesitate. Regards

    Hi Anil

    Im very sorry I must look stupid to say the least. Each time (every now and again) that I go back and try to add your supposed to “inline search” Im so sorry but Im not seeing the box to be checked in order to make the search to display inline

    Are you able to send me a link or something to a website where you know they are using this functionality?

    I surely cannot be this blind mate LOL 🙂

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