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    Hi, first of all: many thanks for this great plugin.

    I have a site with about 12 parent pages and about 1200 subpages. The subpages were imported which went very fine, there were only some minor issues.

    But now comes the tricky part: below these 1200 subpages I have import about 8000 subsubpages. I tried this with a small testfile but I believe it’s no possible to import subsubpages, is that correct? Or do I also need a column with the post_ID of the grandparents?

    Another question:
    In the .csv of the subsubpages I already have the name and slug of their parents (the 1200 subpages). Will this be enough, or does the the .csv file really have to contain the parents post_ID instead of the parent_slug? I do have the post_ID, but not in the .csv file so I would have to match these manually… 1200 times… 🙁

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    You can use post_status field for child pages. Instead of slugs, you have to provide page id of the page to be parented.

    Hmm, that will mean “Plan B”, since I do not want to sort out over 1200 page ID’s…..

    Thnx anyway!

    Can you be a bit more specific about how to make a child from a parent?


    I’d like to have “Acura” be the parent, and have not created the page yet; I’d like the CSV to create the parent pages. I’d like the MDX, SLX, etc. to be the child pages – which have also not been created.

    What is the formula I would use for this?

    Also, is there any way to provide a sample CSV?

    You have to provide the actual (numeric) page_ID from the ‘Acura pages’

    A sample is not necessairy, since the plugin allows you to match the columns manually before you import the data, but here is one rule of my testfile:

    The first title;slug1;Here comes your killer content;admin;2013-4-26 17:45;seo meta title 1;seo metadescdription 1;publish;214;

    Plugin Author smackcoders


    You can use the post_parent option to create child fields. But the parent post should exist and the id need be provided as post_parent value. You can download samples here

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