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    I am a humble dragon. And a human who wants to help me make Google more happy insists me of using imagify. Or webp and says imagify is good.

    But before I can do that, I have a couple of questions, because you know, the website already uses some code and I want to make sure everything continues to work.

    Ready? 🙂

    1. Compatibility with Tinify
    Right now I am using Tinify. Tinify optimizes uploaded images in their original format.
    Can I use both plugins to have Tinify optimize the uploads in JPG/PNG/whatever and imagify to make webp versions?

    2. Compatibility with server-to-server communication
    The website in question actually sort of exists twice. The editor can beam an article to the secondary website by pressing a button. The underlying code also tells the second WP instance the URL to images so the second WP can upload it to its own media library. Now I was hearing imagify automatically gives the webp version if supported. Can I make it give me the original (like when I say image.png, I will definitely get the PNG and not the webp)?

    3. Compatibility with sideloaded uploads outside wp-admin
    Is imagify able to handle files that were not uploaded using wp-admin but with a.. let’s call it plugin from the outside? This is kind of a follow-up to my second question because when image.png gets sideloaded, it’d have to be webp’d. And I don’t want to babysit the process.

    4. Compatibility with older browsers
    I was told when the browser is known to not support webp, imagify loads the original file. How exactly would that work? Like could I use this outside WP too? You know we have a companion dashboard for some sort of stuff where for example banners can be uploaded. I’d like to have them webp too, but of course only when the browser supports that.

    Thank you very much 🙂

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    Hi @alduinwf

    This is Ioanna from Imagify, and I’ll gladly assist you here!

    Let me answer your questions:
    1. We recommend using only one optimization tool on your website. Because having more than one image optimization tool active at the same time can definitely cause conflicts.

    When using Imagify the WebP creation is happening during the image optimization. There is no separate option to create a WebP version of an image.

    2. Yes, you can turn off WebP display option in Imagify Settings (on site where you don’t need WebP)

    3. When uploading images with another way than uploading them directly on your Media Library then Imagify is not able to automatically optimize those images during the upload and you need to optimize them manually through the Bulk optimization page or individually through the Media > Other Media(You will have to add the custom folder with these images in Imagify Settings.)
    If you need to trigger auto-optimization of these files you can use _imagify_optimize_attachment() function, but you would have to write some code.

    4. This is happening automatically. You can do this on the server level, it might work for all images under the server – we add these rules when using rewrite rules method –

    Let me know if you need further assistance. I’ll be happy to help.

    Best regards,

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    Hello Ioanna,

    thank you for your reply 🙂

    1. OK. So let me re-phrase the question: Is Imagify doing the same (and more for that matter, more) what Tinify does? Tinify can resize my uploaded image (so it’d be never bigger than say 3000x3000px), and optimize images in their original format. In that case, I’d not need Tinify any more…

    2. Nono, I don’t want to turn it off. I want to make sure my existing infrastructure keeps working 🙂
    So say I have Site A where I install Imagify. It optimizes, it displays WebP and everything is fine.
    Now I need to beam the content to Site B by the press of a button. Site B gets “an” URL to the image. And I’d prefer them URLs to be non WebP (because yknow, images don’t get better when compressing multiple times). Although the user should get webp when the browser supports it.

    3. OK, let me dive a little deeper: The code I wrote for sideloading effectively does the same what the code in wp-admin (media upload) would do, if you’d give it an URL (rather than a file). Only difference is that it is outside an UI and outside wp-admin alltogether (so an is_admin() query would return false). But if you say I see it in the bulk optimazation, I could just try it on a dev machine.
    But the function sounds handy. Thank you.

    4. OK that sounds handy. I might steal this rewrite rule then for my purposes. 🙂 I saw on the website that I can use imagify also outside WP like with an API, is that correct?

    And maybe I do have a follow-up question:
    5. Define fair-use
    I saw on your website that there is an unlimited plan “under fair use”. What is fair use? Site A has 13903 images – and 101150 if you count the WP-cropped versions. And I guess Site B has the same amount. At least for the initial run they would have to be optimized during a short-ish period of time. Once that’s done, we are talking about like 10 images (including crops) every hour or so.
    Is that fine?

    Thanks for your reply once again 🙂

    Plugin Author WP Media


    Hi Alduin,

    Please let me explain further.

    1. Unfortunately I am not familiar with Tinify. However, I can explain the resize option you can use in the Imagify plugin. The resize option through the Imagify plugin, it is referring to the resize of larger images during the optimization. You can set the maximum width value to what is appropriate for your site based on the maximum size at which your images might need to be displayed. This value can only be set a low as your largest registered thumbnail size.
    Also please feel free to take a look at our Getting Started guide here

    2. It highly depends on many factors(how you grab the URL). However, as long as you deliver WebP on Site A via rewrite rules, it should work as the URL itself stays the same.
    However, if you use picture tags method, URL will be changed to .webp version in HTML source code. So you might need to write a function to eliminate .webp if it exists in URL
    The best solution would be to use rewrite rules to deliver WebP.

    3. Thank you for the further details. In order to be able to optimize those images through Bulk optimization, you need to add this folder to the custom folders through Imagify Settings. Please let me clarify that a custom folder must be inside WP root (WP installation folder). But it can be in any folder within that root. For example, we have a folder where WP is installed, called “wp” – all folders inside this one can be searched and added. But if we have another folder beside “wp”, Imagify will not be able to search for it.

    4. Yes, you can use our API for custom coding solutions, here is the link to that:

    5. Regarding our fair use policy:
    It means that we don’t charge extra costs when the service is used reasonably and normally. When we detect something out of the ordinary in your Imagify usage, we’ll contact you to discuss the situation and potential alternatives. In extreme cases, we may be required to limit the Service usage.

    In conclusion, there is no specific limit for the quota to be used monthly on the Infinite plan. However, my teammates have been given an example that 500GB would be an excessive use and would warrant a discussion about potential alternative solutions for you going forward.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Thread Starter alduinwf


    Hello Ioanna,

    thank you very much.

    I think I will start playing around soon 🙂

    Regarding 5. and fair use: “all” of our sites (since they exist) are like 300 GB in total; it’d be possible that there is “one” burst once per site, but beyond that, we’d upload reasonably. And good to know that we are getting notified (rather than kicked out automatically).

    Thank you again,


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