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  • I have a GoDaddy site and use WordPress for my blog on the same site. GoDaddy is telling me now that I must pay for two sites. Can I use a subdomain for WordPress and side step paying for an additional domain? Is there some other way to set this up so that I only pay for hosting one domain? My website is and the blog is at

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  • Hugh


    If you have DNS control for your current site. Then you should be able to do this… what kind of traffic do you anticipate? It sounds like you have the basic plan. If you generate a lot of traffic then you are going to run into other kinds of issues. But If you have DNS control you should be able to use Multi-site and not even need to create the subdomain because wordpress could handle that on its own… But, that said, you have to make the evaluation on if the complexities of WP MS are worth the money you save. It might we worth the $10/month or what ever it is. – But technically it is possible if you have the wildcard DNS control. Do some more reading setting up Multisite. there are some good resources in the codex and there are a few E-books out there which are really good too.

    Thanks, Hugh. Much appreciated. Is another option to simply build my entire site on WordPress? My site is quite simple, and maybe that is what I should have done from the start. WordPress isn’t simply for blogs, is it?

    GoDaddy is telling me now that I must pay for two sites.

    The what now? That doesn’t make sense at all. If they’re both under the same domain, why the heck would Godaddy even care?

    My website is and the blog is at

    Are they saying that and are separate sites and you’re being charged per subdomain? If so, Multisite won’t change that if you use subdomains.

    I’d push back on THEM and ask for clarification, cause this sounds fishy.

    Thanks, Mika. I also thought it sounded fishy and it seems like I get different answers on technical issues from everyone I talk to. I will follow up with them and in the interim, I am working on getting my entire website on WordPress, which should eliminate the issue altogether. I appreciate your input and advice.


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    Go Daddy Support


    While I do see all the sites up, I just want to be sure everything is OK at this point.

    If you have a standard hosting account, you can add subdomains and create folders to have additional sites within your hosting account, however if you have Website Builder which is a template-based hosting plan, you won’t be able to have folders and install WordPress as it’s not a standard hosting account. That may be why support would have advised that you’d need a different hosting account.


    Hey, Cj! 🙂

    That makes sense, though he said he’s using WordPress already, which made me think he already had a standard hosting account. Maybe his account was set up weird on the accounting side?

    I do have website builder. I am in the process of getting my website rebuilt, entirely on WordPress, which should eliminate the double charge, I believe. My issue is that when I converted from iWeb (which has its own embedded blog) to GoDaddy, I was told to use the WordPress option for the blog, never told it would be at an additional cost. And it seems that every time I talk to GoDaddy technical support, I get different advice. Quite honestly, had I to do this all over again, I would do this differently, and likely with a different hosting company.

    Ahhh, Tony that makes total sense, and I know why the tech is confused.

    Heck I would be confused (I’m glad I just do WP support and not billing).

    Okay, so you have two accounts:

    1) Website Builder – Cannot run WP
    2) Standard – CAN run WP

    This is okay 🙂 If you ask them for help, tell them “I need help with my STANDARD hosting account. I have two, and I want WordPress Multisite running on the STANDARD account I already pay for.”

    Once you switch to WP, you won’t need both accounts.

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    Go Daddy Support

    Hi Mika! 🙂

    And Tony,

    Mika is correct. Definitely let us help. If you don’t need Website Builder just use the Hosting Account with WordPress. If you’ve received some bad information due to confusion and we need to cancel the Website Builder product, you can reply to me here and I’ll work with you to make sure the unnecessary product is canceled and refunded.


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