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  • Can I use WordPress to create a blogging site say Blogger? Where users can come in and create individual blogs? I plan to do this for my city .. so that people there can have their own blogs and it will be part of the city portal.
    Any pointers will be really useful.

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  • Check out It’s WordPressµ (µ is pronounced mu and mu being Multi User).

    That should get you off the ground.

    Hi Patrick. That was quick.
    Checked the URL. ” … Only one blog per user is allowed, but you can have unlimited users, and you can have multiple users on a single blog. “
    Any idea what this mean?
    ( Does this mean that Patrick can have only one blog called Patrick’s blog and if he needs another one .. he creates a different user id and gets another blog going.) Thanks Vivek

    What it means: Patrick has one installation of WordPressMU and all his 1023 users have only one blog under the same username. If a user signs up with 10 usernames – will have 10 blogs.

    Will my users have the ability to FTP and install new plugins etc. Does it have any features not in
    Since this is unstable release, does this have any known securiry vulnerebilities?

    Looks like maybe they’re still moving stuff around over there. But check (I think that’s the right link) tomorrow and see if the forums are back. The folks there would be the best able to answer your questions. 🙂

    i use mu.. its a bit buggy and it does help if you know php.
    not super easy to use otherwise.. im using it here at

    MU in comparison to regular WP has somelimited functions. This is mostly becuase to have some functions in WP the user needs to be able to tweak their own code, upload plugins, themes etc.
    But out of the box it is otherwise it works the same. Theme developement and design is basically the same, but in order to add themes (ftp) you would need to give someone ftp access to your site and it would be done in that fashion. Alot of plugins work, and can be activated by each blog owner, or implemented sitewide, usually with a little tweaking to the code.

    At time MU is a little buggy, but some of the bugs are there becuase it does require php, mysql, and interpretive dance experience to maintain. Not alot of any of those but they are handy. Some of the bugs come becuase almost every server that it is installed on is different, so each install needs to be tweaked to match the server.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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