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    If I understand correctly (read it somewhere), PAGES are simply posts with a PostType of “page” rather than the usual post type?

    What I want to do is to have individual “pages” with “chapters” of a sort on each one and to then have a separate “page” that’s kind of a “show all” page where everything’s on a single page. If that makes sense.

    So, basically I’d have a main “page” in my menu system with the title of the “guide” I’m writing. If you click that, it would just have hierarchical linked list of the chapters / sections. If you click on each chapter you get the whole chapter. Then there’d be a separate link to “read the whole thing on a single page.” That single page, would just “pull in” all the other pages’ content via shortcodes.

    I think that if I can get this working right, it could be pretty cool! πŸ™‚

    I’m just wondering if it’s possible…

    In fact, as I’m thinking about it, I might even turn the sub-sections into their own “snippet” pages, then construction the “chapters” out of some “pulled in” combination of sub-section pages, and then make the “single page” view by pulling in the “Chapters” that themselves pull in the “sub-sections.” That way, I could have page slugs for all the “pieces” and thus URLs that kind of make sense hierarchically, too.

    So, I guess I want to know if/how I can use this plugin to do all that.

    I’m thinking the “single page” view would have something like:

    [ic_add_posts post_type=’page’ ids=’1,2,3,4′]

    and then for the “Chapters”:

    Chapter 1:
    [ic_add_posts post_type=’page’ ids=’5,6,7,8′]

    Section 1.1 (id=5 above?):
    [ic_add_posts post_type=’page’ ids=’21,22,23′] (calls sub-sections 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3 pages?)

    Chapter 2:
    [ic_add_posts post_type=’page’ ids=’9,10,11,12′]

    Chapter 3:
    [ic_add_posts post_type=’page’ ids=’13,14,15,16′]

    Chapter 4:
    [ic_add_posts post_type=’page’ ids=’17,18,19,20′]


    Does that sound about right? Would something like that work?

    How would I find out the Page IDs? Is there an easy way? Is it listed somewhere by default, or would I have to go poking around under the hood to find that out?

    If this works the way I think it does, this would be REALLY easy for me to put together, assuming I can find the Page IDs & assuming the PostType for pages is something like “page” as others have intimated?

    Hope that all made sense?

    Thx in advance,

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  • After doing some quick googling, it looks like one can hover over the page link in Admin view and the post ID shows at the bottom of the window in most browsers. Alternately, you can re-expost IDs with something like:

    Okay, I’m going to go play around with this concept for a bit and see if it works. Yay, shiny new toy!

    Hmm, no no no… That’ not quite what I want.

    Okay, so I put in the short code [ic_add_posts post_type=’page’ ids=’83’], but it only puts “snippet” of the other page onto my main page in a big gray box and then a “Read More” link which takes you to the other page to read the rest.

    What I’d ‘like’ is for the plugin to literally take the entire contents of the other ‘page’ and inset them verbatim into the ‘parent’ page. Not just insert a “preview” with a read more link. Any chance something like that could be done?

    Is there some additional ‘switch’ or ‘parameter’ I can add to the plugin that will give me the ENTIRE contents of the child page (including any referenced grandchild pages that my be referenced through the same method in the child page), as formatted, etc. on my parent page?

    Or, will I have to find a different plugin for that? Dang, this is so close, but not quite there…

    Anyway, my shortcode was this:

    [ic_add_posts post_type=’page’ ids=’83’]

    But it only showed a gray box with excerpt & “read more” not the actual page itself.

    Posts To Page gets me a lot closer than Posts In Page with the following syntax:

    [posts-to-page type=page limit=1 show_date=false show_author=false link_title=false]

    The only problem is that, currently I can’t specify which one specific post to add. Otherwise, it’s nearly exactly spot-on right.

    So, I guess I’m just waiting to see which plugin “gets it right” first… ^_^

    If I was a programmer (I’m not) I’d see about borrowing/combining elements of both plugins to make an even better plugin that handles everything…

    But, I’m not, so no super-plugin today. But, here’s hoping for tomorrow!

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    Hey MGmirkin,

    Thanks for the posts and sorry to take a few days to get back to you.

    You can absolutely pull a page into another page and you’re on the right track using a shortcode like [ic_add_posts post_type='page' ids='83'].

    What you saw initially was that it’s showing only an excerpt because the default template for rendering the Posts in Page results only showsthe_excerpt.

    So, here’s what you do:

    1. Follow the instructions to change your output template (copy the posts_loop_template.php file from your plugin’s folder to your theme’s root folder
    2. Open and change the function the_excerpt to the_content
    3. Save and refresh. ViolΓ‘!

    Holler if you get stuck.


    Appreciate the response! ^_^

    Any chance on adding a parameter like show_content=’true’ and/or show_excerpt=’false’ (or even a multi-select show=’content/excerpt/none’) to pass the argument to the shortcode and have it output accordingly? As opposed to having to manually tweak the template?

    A couple other similar shortcodes offer a few parameters like this for twiddling a few different bits and pieces. Like show_title=’false’. I’m sure there’s probably an indefinite number of ‘things’ that could be done. Just thinking of some of the more common ones. Like showing/hiding title, selecting content/excerpt/none, overriding header style H2–>H3, etc., disabling header ‘linking,’ etc.

    I sometimes wish I was a programmer and knew how to do all this stuff. Then I could tweak things to my heart’s content and add all the parameter switches I wanted to get done the things I needed to get done in the way I wanted them to get done. πŸ˜‰

    But, fairly new to all this… So, no such luck, yet. *Sigh*


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    Volunteer Moderator

    Appreciate the response! ^_^

    Quite welcome.

    Any chance on adding a parameter like show_content=’true’ and/or show_excerpt=’false’ (or even a multi-select show=’content/excerpt/none’) to pass the argument to the shortcode and have it output accordingly? As opposed to having to manually tweak the template?

    I’m sure there is a chance of that. As you mentioned, there are almost infinite possibilities of things we can do.

    We’ll talk it over a bit and see what we think makes sense to add and put it on the docket. We have this project up on GitHub as well, if you’d like to enter feature requests, download dev code, etc.

    Our biggest issue with adding features is time. Since we really don’t make money from these plugins, we need to be able to balance their development with paying work. πŸ™‚

    So if you develop your programming chops, or know some devs who’d like to contribute, we’d love to have others contribute code, features, patches, etc.

    Have a great weekend!

    is there a parameter, that defines to use the post-picture only?
    I’m using the template “Cascade” from “the Alpine Press”, witch gives a nice portfolio-view on all posts.

    With post to page I hope to find a way to select posts, I would like to see on the main page.


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