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  • what would be an example of an “other vendor forms?”

    You can certainly use the WP database for other purposes / applications as long as those don’t overwrite your tables (which is pretty unlikely to happen, really).

    Chris, thanks for your repsone and the vendor’s name is, they offer a free option for up to 5 forms. You can check them out. If that works, how do I set it up so that the entries are captured into the wp db?
    I appreciate your input.

    Well, I don’t know. 🙂 Looks like at the simplest it’ll simply email you the data. Sounds like you want more than that(?).

    If you want to save data from an form in a database I think you’d have to see what they offer for integration options. And a lot of that depends on what sort of integration you want. Do you just want data in a table or do you want to collect data and integrate with WordPress user data? (these are rhetorical questions, but without some sort of idea of where you’re headed people can’t really make useful suggestions)

    Perhaps someone has built a plugin.

    Chris, what you say makes sense. So let me be more clear. I only want to be able to capture the data (i.e. name & emails) so that I can import them into an external CRM for drip campaigns. So now what say you?

    I appreciate your assistance.

    I say “I dunno what a drip campaign is.” 🙂

    Seems like a question more for the forms folks though. The good news is that your MySQL db need not be for sole use by WordPress so there’s no real reason (that I can think of) that they couldn’t use a table in there.

    A “drip campaign” is just an email campaign set up via an autoresponder account. That’s it. Thank you for you help.
    Any guidance regarding how to set up the MySQL db would be helpful. I’m somewhat of a “techie”, I’ve done some coding and current work with the Oracle SQL language – PL/SQL, so I will be able o follow your directions.

    Once again I appreciate your help!

    This issue is resolved.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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