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  • Hello! I’m managing a church website that wants to do an online photo directory AND printed directory (we have a lot of summer-only members as we’re in a vacation area). The website was created under contract by someone else using Catalyst/Dynamik. It’s been largely unused until we moved to the area full-time and I offered to help, having had some basic website design experience.

    After researching a lot of plugins, I found SSL and had a few questions.

    The photo directory area needs to be secure (monthly p/w change?) to maintain privacy, esp. for youth. I also need to be able to customize the fields since a couple may have two emails, Facebook, Skype, two addresses (winter/summer)…can I make SSL do this?

    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions–I really appreciate it!


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  • Have you considered built-in wordpress password protection?

    Thanks ckone, that’s certainly part of the need. I also have to be able to create/edit/manage a variety of text fields and at least one photo per record.

    Not without forking the plugin and writing some PHP.

    photo directory area needs to be secure

    Meaning where the photos are stored or pages displaying the directory?

    If where the photos are stored, you’d need to change the upload path, protect that with .htaccess, then have a PHP proxy file serve up the images to logged in users only.

    If the front end view, look into Members (or any plugin like that). WP has built in password protection, but it’s barely security in any sense of the word. Logins would be much more secure.

    If you have to heavily customize things, you may be better off creating your own custom post type and using Advanced Custom Fields to manage custom fields. Or the Types and Views plugins (or any of the other CPT/CF plugins around).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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