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  • Currently we have ‘Active Directory/LDAP Login for Intranet sites’ by MiniOrange set up but it is not very useful to use until we can assign (preferably) sAMAccountName or userPrincipalName as the username in WordPress. We got it to connect when we use our long name but to use sAMAccountName we need the premium version and they bumped up the price to almost 4x as much.

    We tried to use this program first but it was not working and I wonder if that has to do with the disclaimer on the FAQ section where it states “Your install of PHP must be configured/compiled with LDAP support.”

    I am guessing since we did get the other plugin working that it is configured as needed. We are connecting to an Active Directory server and this is just for a small VM my company wants a WordPress application on.

    But if I can’t use a sAMAccountName as the username then my effort to get it to work is futile.

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