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Can I use s2Member to build an Lesson Booking site for members (2 posts)

  1. OneBadPig
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am wanting to build a site to teach conversational english. I want my students to be able to purchase a lesson credit and then schedule it. They must also be able to reschedule a lesson without having to repurchase or be reimbursed for the old lesson. I want to keep it simple. To handle the bookings I will use a 3rd party plugin, but the membership side will be handled by s2Member. The big idea is that students are paying up front for lessons so I don't have to chase payments later, so it is very important that students can only book a lesson or reschedule if they have already paid.

    Has anybody done this with s2Member and if so what 3rd party booking plugin did they use? I am thinking of using Appointments by WPMUDEV. My main concern is that the lesson credits, the member and the schedule lesson all stay connected


  2. krumch
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi OneBadPig,

    I did very similar things before, but never with Appointments plugin. If you still need the feature you described, I can try to help you. Please find me at http://krumch.com/contacts/.

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