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  • I’m using WordPress on an internal LAN for an internal blog. To make things tricky, there are in fact 2 separate LANs that can connect to each other, but do NOT share DNS names.

    On the webserver on my side, I have a wiki set up which works fine between the 2, my side can go to http://whango/wiki, while the other LAN goes to

    HOWEVER, this doesn’t work with my new wordpress install. My LAN goes to whango/blog and works fine, but the other LAN gets ‘page cannot be displayed, DNS error’ when they try to go to

    I’m assuming the problem is that somewhere in wordpress’ code it’s trying to replace the ip address with the hostname, which is then preventing communication to the remote host. Am I right in my assumption? And what can I do to make it use the servers ip address instead of hostname?

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