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    I am confused and this is difficult to explain so please stay with me.

    I created a test site in but I have to
    use because I need to install a jquerymobile plugin.
    I began this process but it says I need a hosted server.

    So – To begin with, this question involves HOSTING.
    With Adobe Cloud, I have access to 5 hosted websites.

    question ?
    Can I use one of them for my site ?

    I am confused as to where my domain name comes into the ‘configuration’.
    I have a domain name which has been used for several years. The website is static and created with google sites.

    question ?
    Can I use this domain name ?
    But I thought that will be the domain name.

    As a programmer who is changing directions. I know some java, php, mysql, apache server for local hosting etc.
    The Project now….
    I am learning to build a jquery mobile web application. This example works great. There are 4 buttons to tap and each will capture feeds from different platforms: twitter, instagram, youtube and wordpress.

    If I click on the blog button on the app, the page will load with the last 10 blog posts. I am using json to capture the objects.
    If anyone is following me, although I understand the javascript coding and the html, I am fuzzy about how and my jquery mobile web application are associated along with my domain name and then the HOST.

    Can I use the Adobe Cloud hosting or Verizon (both which are free because I use their services). Adobe Cloud required ‘business catalyst’ and it almost seems like this in another completely new platform or entity or whatever the word will be.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    very awesome

    I hate to say it… but no, you can’t host a WordPress site on the Adobe Cloud. As you’ve seen, they’ve got that locked down to their own Business Catylist system, which is their own CMS with their own internal workings. You can’t do add any extra software to it.

    I haven’t had anything to do with Verizon in the pst (wrong country) so I can’t comment on them, but if they are like most other ISP’s you have web space that you can use, but there’s no access to databases or PHP or anything else, and those things are required to run WordPress.

    Having said that, just pay for a decent hosting account. There’s a lot of good ones around for $5-10 a month so it’s not that expensive to start, and it only costs more if your site grows.

    You can also use yur existing domain name, or use any new one that you like. It’s up to to you. All you need to do is set the nameserver records for the domain to point to the new hosting server (your hosting company will give you the details that you need for that) and it will be set up.

    As far as the programming goes, the ‘relation” between them is basically this…

    • You have a hosting server
    • WordPress runs on that hosting server
    • The JSON requests are sent to/received from the WordPress system

    There’s probably more to it, but when it comes down to it, it’s not complicated.



    Thank you for the Clear Informative explanation !
    You have saved me much time today.
    I have 3 other inquires pending about this matter and now I believe I am ready to continue.

    I just posted a question in the Miscellaneous Forum before I noticed your response.
    The 2nd piece of that post is also something that I feel certain you will be able to clarify or maybe someone else will.

    I created a site.
    Come to find out that I need to create a site since I want to use plugins as you noted.

    I found a YouTube tutorial that shows how to MIGRATE the to the but there is not a date on this video.
    Is this the Best And Quickest way to approach this ?

    I am comfortable working command line but I am still a bit fuzzy. When it states that is a place for developers (paraphrased), i really do not want to take a lot of time right this week to create my own .css and php files. Will I still be able to import some of those responsive themes just to get going ! Sorry if these questions are fundamental.

    This email is too long and truthfully some of the codex instruction(which are good) seem to be looping around and there is some redundancy so I though that I would ask directly.

    Also, I manually installed and enabled MAMP on my Mac at the beginning of the year.
    I think that the instructions here:
    Are what I need to follow or verify to get this correctly implemented.

    Can you verify. Again, I work on a Mac.
    I am very much looking forward to continuing with my project(s)…. 🙂

    Thank you again very much !



    very awesome

    You don’t need a site to have a site running the WordPress software from so don’t worry about that. If you’ve already got content that on your .com blog that you want to keep you can migrate it to a new .org site pretty easily. There’s services on .com that can do that for you too.

    You can run the site locally on your PC (that’s any computer so Macs work fine) but that’s not where you’d leave it when it goes live, so you’ll need to find some hosting for the site when it’s ready.




    Thanks again. I will working on this today.

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