Can I use a Subdomain to build another CMS after open WP Multiple domains ? (4 posts)

  1. hibestnick
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have been setting up Wildcard DNS for Subdomains

    now *.mydomain.tw is WordPress EX :blog1.mydomain.tw

    but i can't use oher Subdomains to build aother CMS
    ex: drupal.mydomain.tw

    Can someone help me to resolve this probelm ?
    thank you very much

  2. You can if you define a NAMED subdomain in your control panel. Ask your host for help, but yes, you can totally have wildcard and named.

  3. hibestnick
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Can you tell me in detail? How to do it with WHM?

  4. Normally you just make a named subdomain via cPanel. If that's NOT working, then you may have an issue in your httpd.conf with the order of your defined domain names. Which is why I said to ask your host :) If you've never done that before, it's good to have help.

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