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  • I’m not here to spam my website.

    I’d like to begin to blog, but I’m not sure if my current layout for my “articles” and “poetry” could look the same within WordPress?

    So I’m just trying to politely ask if a few people could check out just these 2 areas of my site real quick, see the simple layout, and let me know “yeah, you can get wordpress to look like that” and perhaps offer some advice as to how?

    i’m thinking i could get wordpress to suite my needs just unsure if its too much technology involved for these minimalistic and simple needs?

    really, thanks in advance for your time/thoughts/advice.

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  • actually, what i meant to say was… and you don’t have to visit those pages really…

    but i’m looking to see if i can have my blog setup so that certain ARTICLES or POEMS that i write, will appear grouped together.

    i’ve looked at other blogs, and it seems that after a year, something you wrote 1 year ago, you have to go and search and hunt for chronologically.

    that’s fine, for the personal blogging i may do.

    but for my other” non-personal” stuff so to speak, i’d like those 2 pages (poetry and articles) to have their blog entries grouped so that you just click on the blog entry and not have to search chronologically.

    i have tried searching through the support forums on how to do this but i’m a novice so…. thanks again

    You could have a ‘poetry’ category – click on that and all that will show will be entries you put into that category. Somehow though, I don’t think that’s what you mean ?

    that sounds interesting.. will it list all the TITLES of the entries grouped together?

    is that possible ?

    Anything will be possible given some additional work from what appears ‘out of the box’ – with all the answers to be found on Codex or here 🙂
    Scroll down on the right to categories – click that – then click one.
    Everything in that presentation can be altered – and that’s just one way of doing it, there are more 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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