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  • Robin W



    I help support bbpress, as well as 6 plugins I have written

    Your plugin looks excellent, but hasn’t been updated for a few years.

    Several users have asked if it can have ongoing support so that they can feel confident in using it.

    I would be happy to be added as a contributor in the section under contributors.

    Then I could update the versioning to make it current, and give some support to the plugin.



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  • Dear Robin,

    Thank you so much for listening to our request,

    yes we all badly need this plugin, we hope that either this plugin will be updated by the original author or allowed to be taken over by proactive developers like Mr.Robin

    Many Thanks

    It should be some simple rule in repository. If a plugin is not updated, or forum actively managed, for x number of years all request(s) should be dealed with core/forum moderators.
    Of course after say moderators send 1, or 2, mails and ask developer is he still interested to maintain plugin.

    All above 3, or 4, years, is my opinion is reasonable time to stamp it as non-maintained anymore.

    Anyway Robin, as you did not get any reply take a plugin and fork it under different name. Not big deal.

    worpdress has some rules on taking over plugins which I have complied with, and I’ve asked then if I can do this one. I’m quite happy to fork if needed, but would prefer not to, so I’ll see what wordpress say.

    @stagger-lee – agree this does need to be a simpler process 🙂



    @robin-w I think you should fork it at this point. I’ll be using this with a new install and will fix it to work — would love to keep in touch with you as contrib.

    Robin W


    The author has been in contact, and has added casiepa as a contributor.

    He’ll update the plugin shortly.

    Stagger Lee


    I see the future, and this plugin has very, very beautiful Gutenberg block. 🙂

    Stagger Lee


    @robin, take a look at this abandoned plugin. Online/Offline indicator. As I am aware all major forum scripts and sotware have this option for Users, except bbPress.

    This one would be needed done in cooperation with buddyPress, so those 2 installations don’t boycot each other.

    Here is it only as indicator of state. Would be nice as option in User profile, as other forums have it.

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    Robin W


    I’ll take a look at it when I get a moment !

    Really excited that this plugin is getting updated! I am working on testing all of my plugins/themes with Gutenberg to make sure all of my sites are ready and this one needs to update the way it shows in the “discussion” settings so it displays properly in the post/page editor. Currently, it does not show up at all when Gutenberg is activated.

    Here is a screenshot of the current editor & discussion tab showing (you can see the settings):

    Here is a screenshot of the same post with Gutenberg activated and the discussion settings showing:

    I am working on my Gutenberg knowledge and If I do any work on this I’ll update you here.

    Hi @robin-w,


    Here are three great BBpress plugins, but all out of maintain, you may see I have submitted support request on these plugins last year, but there is no reply, would you like to take over them:

    bbpress-topic-thumbnails is working, but it was not updated 5 years, and it would be much better if the topic title is put over thumbnails

    bbPress Product Tab is working(very similar to bbPress Topics for Posts ), but It would be great if it support multisite stituation, and here is what I submitted:

    Please let me know what you think, and have a nice day.



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    Plugin Author Pascal Casier


    I’m first trying to fix the main issue: Not being able to add replies/comments.
    After that I’ll try to check what changes would be needed to Gutenberg.

    I have just started checking, hope to get a solution in the next weeks.

    As I still have no idea on how to deal with Gutenberg, any info would be appreciated 🙂

    Stagger Lee


    Man if I only knew it how. For start make it as Metabox legacy for Gutenberg. (so it does not trigger reverting to the TinyMce when Gutenberg goes stable in core)
    So it can show under content, and save values. I will try now if it works at all with Gutenberg.

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    Plugin Author Pascal Casier


    I didn’t change anything yet 🙂

    Stagger Lee


    It won’t show when Gutenberg is active. Action post_comment_status_meta_box-options is removed from Gutenberg.

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