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  • My question is,

    Can I Take Out The Credit to WordPress Theme designer that is on (Default with current wp theme I’m using) without it affecting my site stats?

    I successfully took out (wordpress theme credits) out, along with: Partner Sites, Archives…I took this out from my footer.php section,

    because it was showing up on the right side of my blog, when I put ads on my blog, and I didn’t like how it looked on the right hand side of blog. I

    By default without the ads, the (wordpress theme credits, partner sites, archives) used to show up at the bottom where no one really saw it..which was good,

    but the moment I put ads on my blog that footer content (Theme desinger credit, partner sites, archives) showed up on the right side of blog and it didn’t look good.

    So I took it out on the Footer.php successfully, but the moment I did that my stats went from 100+ hits, to the next day it went all the way to zero hits… I don’t know why that was such a dramatic drop, so I currently I put them back in, but my stats aren’t where they used to be ever since the changing around.

    Any advice, as to how to take (theme desinger credit, partner sites, archives) out? Without it affecting my stats?

    My link:

    Thank you for your help.

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  • Depends on the theme and where you got it.

    You’re supposed to be able to remove the credits from themes, but … some less reputable ones encode it.

    It shouldn’t affect your traffic at all, unless by removing it you accidently killed your tracking software.

    The theme I am on currently is, Clean Simple White Theme by Mazznoer. Powered by WordPress.
    Not sure if where they are as far as being reputable.

    I successfully removed it and 2 hours later, I checked my stats it went straight down to zero, Never seen anything like that with a drastic drop so fast, so when you mention removing it accidently killed my tracking software…that may have been the case, from what I assume.

    If that is the case, any suggestions from your expertise on how to resolve the issue, to get my tracking software back up to speed again to where it was normally?

    Thank you.

    Make sure your tracking codes show up in your source code when you look at your site.

    But. Well, tracking is a funny beast. You may have been getting false positives somehow.

    okay. How would I know how the tracking codes look like?

    Would that just be like looking up the word “Track Codes” or something to that nature?

    Also the source code where exactly are you reffering to would that just be from the footer.php section?

    Thanks for your help.

    Tracking codes are NOT something built into WordPress, so you had to have added them, either by a plugin or manually.

    Example: I use and it puts the google code at the bottom of every page. It does so by hooking into a call for wp_footer(), which is called in my footer.php.

    Now, if, when you deleted the credit, you removed a call to the footer function (see details ) then your tracking code would no longer be inserted magically into your theme.

    So what do you use and how did install it?

    okay that makes sense.

    Now that I think of it, I did add a plugin called Stats version 1.7.5

    The plugin as a Code It went into: stats/stats.php

    I successfully added this new stats wp plugin, just a few hours after that I noticed the stats had dropped down from a consistent 150 hits, completley down to zero (midday), so I figured (and made the assumption), at that moment I needed to uprgrade my stats checker, because something I assumed was wrong with my current stats checker….

    Would this may be what you are reffering to? If so, would it be best to delete the plugin all together to effectvely resolve this issue?


    It sounds more like you installed it in the wrong place…

    Your plugin SHOULD be in the plugins folder, in a subfolder (I think it’s ‘stats’ but I don’t use that one, so I’m not sure).

    Anyway, you put the plugin folder in there and you activate it on your plugin dashboard. Make sure it’s turned on and configured after you upgraded!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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