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  • I have been searching for a while and haven’t been able to find an answer.

    I found that wordpress doesn’t allow non-English character in username (and no longer give a descriptive error message from some previous version), and I know that I can use whatever characters in the nickname.
    The problem is I’m trying to write a plugin that integrates wordpress and another forum where non-English characters are allowed in usernames.

    So, is it alright to manipulate the filter on the login (register) page?
    Or do we have the restriction there for something else other than just security issues?

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  • Can someone answer Yes or No, whether or not the username limitation is only for security.
    I have been reading the code for a while, AFAIK that’s all it does. I might have skipped some critical part in the source code (or misunderstand). please give me an answer, so I can stop looking for something that might not be there.

    I can only answer anecdotally, but I’d say no since there is a good deal of an account’s activity tied to the login.

    At the least, any workaround treating the nickname as a parallel login would need to assure the original login is set in the cookie file, or figure a way of translating nickname to login internally.

    Thanks for the reply 🙂

    I think my question wasn’t clear.
    Turing off the strict mode of “sanitize” of usernames will just solve my problem. But I want to know if there’s any other effect other than just possible security issues.

    (I was trying to say that I know that the nickname can be used in display, but I want username to be accepting non-ASCII as well)

    A question that comes to mind is one of the database, but that one is already answered by the fact you are already handling content with “non-English characters.”

    But honestly, I can’t say for sure what it might affect. I mentioned before the login is saved in a cookie file, and this ‘may’ be an issue depending on browser and OS of an individual.

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