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  • Hi,

    I’ve just installed some plugins and written the first post and continue writing and creating pages and content… But I was wondering that can I switch to another theme also after the site’s done and has lots of contents just by just activating it, or do I need to unactivate the plugins, take backups etc…? Is there any risk to lose stuff or “mess up” the site’s contents somehow when doing this?

    I’m using Suffusion (and have done some chages to that theme already) but found Bueno from woo themes and like it too, and now I can’t make my mind up which one to use, so I’d like to play with them and test how they look but don’t want any problems doing so… Already uploaded Bueno theme so I can just activate it but decided to ask anyways before doing anything. Thanks ! 🙂

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  • Kimber sklin


    I would always take a backup whatever you do! The things you will lose are the customisations, anything you’ve changed to the theme code itself – this will not transfer over to your new theme. You’ll keep all your posts.
    Plugins are simple to sort though. There’s a plugin called Theme Test Drive which is good, you can see your site in a new theme when logged in but only you (or users you choose) can see it 🙂

    Thanks! What about the changes I’ve made to Suffusion theme, there’s custom background, wrapper, favicon, headline colors etc. Will these be gone if I activate the other theme,or will they be saved for any possible further use? If I change back to suffusion I mean will they be there…

    Kimber sklin


    Yes, they’ll be there when you change back 🙂 Take a backup just in case anything goes wrong though

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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