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Can I stop WordPress from making post pages using single.php?

  • Hi, I recently finished a site with a small blog on the front page. The blog loops through a category and uses the_title(); and the_content(); – pretty simple stuff. I doesn’t use the permalink and In no way links to a separate page about that particular entry.

    While the site was being indexed by Google I noticed over a few weeks it found a page for each of the posts in my blog, and archive pages also. As I wasn’t using any of that stuff I didn’t even bother styling the templates, so It was a bit of a mess!

    Does anyone know how I stop WordPress from making these pages? It also generated a cancatonal link (or something like that!) that didn’t go anywhere, so that generated a 404 crawl error.

    Despite using WordPress for a while I have never tried to get round using the other templates, any advice ?

    Many thanks, Dan

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  • Can you post your header.php here.
    And your website URL

    Hi, this is my header – below this there is only Javascript so I missed that out. Then its just the regular body opening tag…

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    The website is here. If you do a google site: search you will see it found all sorts of other pages. I’ve since modified my robots.txt file to block some of the urls but there must be a better way?

    Hi, still having problems with this and need to get it sorted as I’m launching another site soon…..anyone got any ideas? I’m assuming it’s to do with wp_head(); ?

    Still no luck with this, anyone know who I can stop these other pages being generated?



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    You can’t stop them being generated but they’re only generated on demand. so no links to them – no pages generated. Remove all links to single posts and archives from your remaining template files.

    Do you know how the googlebot would find them then? I’m also getting 404’s for URL’s like this;

    http://www.havant-district-mencap-club.co.uk/category/Copy of twentyten/http://www.havant-district-mencap-club.co.uk/upcoming-events/next-disco/

    I have a feeling that’s to do with copying the original theme?



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    Googlebot finds them because you’ve got links to them on your site.

    If a link to a post isn’t defined in a template, where else might it be? I run posts on that site, but the_permalink(); isn’t used at all…



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    I can;’t tell. We’ve not been given the site url yet.

    he actually gave the url in his 2nd post.


    Yep, that’s the one. I need to index a similar site soon, hopefully someone knows the answers 😀

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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