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    I have created my first WordPress site and my friend was so impressed with WordPress that she wants to change her existing, static website over to WordPress.

    However, she wants to design the new site first, without having to take her old one down. Her old site is also hosted and managed by a designer and she doesn’t want to tell her she’s taking it away until her new one is ready.

    Is there a way she can get a new WordPress blog set up, without buying a new domain name (because obviously, eventually she’s going to upload it to her existing one?)

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  • well …….
    but … i dont understand ..
    u mean that she already have have a site ?? and wants to use wordpres on it ..
    if it was ..

    yes she can 🙂
    she just download wordpress
    and install it 🙂

    of course she must have databaseinfo on phpmyadmin 🙂

    If the current designer is doing the hosting and she wants to put up the new site without telling the designer, I’d suggest biting the bullet and registering a new domain — and signing up for a hosting contract at one of the service providers who are “WordPress friendly” — see for a starting point.

    Register a new domain, like if the old one is The new site can be developed as

    When it’s okay, the new site can be reinstalled on the old server (with the original domain name, assuming the old server meets the WordPress installation requirements), or the old domain name’s configuration can be changed to point to the new server.

    Both of these require some cooperation from the original hosting service.

    Unsolicited advice: For a system like WordPress, I consider access to at least two environments a requirement. This can be implemented with subdomains (and if her current hosting services offers that, you can explore that option here). For certain upgrades you’ll want to do a test before changing the production site, hence the long term need for a second environment.

    To the OP,
    She could easily set up wordpress in a folder on her or your site and work everything out she wants to. Then, when ready for the switch:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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