[resolved] Can I setup each domain with it`s own cpanel? (2 posts)

  1. PILOTUSA123
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello everyone.
    I am having problems setting up domains with their own cpanel accounts.
    First let me explain how I got the first one working fine.
    I have mymainsite.com working fine so, I installed the domain mapping for multiple domains and setup the second domain. It was davysmarchiori.com, so I when to my hostgator resellers account and created a cpanel for that domain. Some way, somehow I got it to point the IP to the install where I have all the files, in this case mymainsite.com. It was working fine. Even with the cpanel been empty, I had somehow pointed the IP correctly. Due to poor technical support from the Brazilian hostgator I decided to move my install from Brazil back to the US. When I did that my IP was also changed and now the davysmarchiori.com no longer works.. I get the following: Index of /
    • cgi-bin/
    Apache Server at davysmarchiori.com Port 80

    So, I contacted the hostgator support team to help me configure davysmarchiori.com the way it was. And here is what they stated: It appears that the site was working by redirecting to another account to reference the WordPress installation. It was somehow hijacking the other accounts IP, though it was not actually configured to that IP. The instance that caused this is unclear but the problem has been resolved to proper working order.
    Here is the deal, the site does not work anymore. Now, it show index of cgi-bin apache bla bla bla. Basically it is because the cpanel is empty. I got that part.
    How can I setup each domain/client to have their own cpanel and point to the right install IP?
    The reason why I want it this way is because each of my clients will have their own email accounts, disk space and bandwidth according with the package they will choose when making the purchase buy. So parking or add-on domain configuration is not an option for me.
    Can anybody help with that?

    Thanks so much in advance.

  2. PILOTUSA123
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Well.. no help here.
    But I was able to solve the problem by adding A within the Cpanel pointing to the install IP.

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