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  • No, you need to set the custom option to /%postname%/ – and I can’t help you with the Korean title question.

    Ok thanks so it’s like this?

    No. In the “custom” field on the permalinks screen, simply input /%postname%/.

    Ok sorry, one last thing:
    can I set both the optional custom tag to, say, “jewelry”
    AND the name based permalink using /%postname%/ so that it appears like this:
    or is it one or the other

    1. Visit your own admin panel > Options > Permalinks

    (for what you want put in the custom permalink field:

    As you can see in your admin panel it is a radio button – which means you can select ONLY one)

    I set the custom radio button with /%postname%/ and I also set the optional custom prefix below the radio buttons with athe keyword jewelry.
    After I pressed update, wordpress tells me to update .htaccess(!), I should I do that?

    Yes, you should do that. If it had write permissions to .htaccess it would just do it itself. Since it can’t, it will ask you to do it.

    if you don’t, your site is rather broke.

    I’ve just done it, but I’m getting nervous. I’m discovering that the links can get chopped in some cases when they’re too long, that I’m not quite sure where to put the .htaccess file since some visitors arrive on the root of th esite instead of . So I installed it on


    The .htaccess stuff that WordPress tells you to add should go in the .htaccess file located in the WP install directory. /blog/ in your case.

    Oh great, now when I click on a link I get an err404
    I chmoded the file to 666 but doesn’t change anything
    I changed the location of .htacces by the way

    First off, undo whatever you did to the .htaccess in your root directory.

    Secondly, there’s a LOT of information on troubleshooting at the Permalinks page.

    I had to create the htaccess file because there was none. I pasted in it the code given by WordPress.
    Should reset the permalinks to default and delete the htaccess file?

    Ok now the links open but not to the post names, if they are in Korean.
    If the link is, the Korean titles appears when I roll-over but when I click it only opens as
    so if I posted 3 times on that day it displays all 3.
    It works ok with English titles.
    Does that mean there’s no way to make name permalinks work with non-alphabetical languages?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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