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  • I have a health blog that’s on a version 1.3 wordpress template. It’s called Blue Taste by Jabox. The only customization on it is the content I’ve created.

    I want to place my blog up for sell; however, I don’t know if I own this template since it isn’t customized. Here’s the link to it, by the way:

    I’ve done research on this and can’t find anything! I couldn’t even find information on the creator. So, do I have the right to sell this template or do I only own the domain? My hosting site, Hostgator, don’t have the answer either.

    I’d appreciate any help I can get.

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  • Krishna



    I want to place my blog up for sell

    If you are selling your blog, it does not mean you are selling the template, plugins, WordPress core, etc. which obviously you do not own and hence you cannot sell, and some of which are either under free-use licenses or otherwise. So, basically, you sell only your domain and your own work. So, generally it should not create any problems so far as you do not claim the right to what you do not own and the buyer too is apprised of what s/he byes.

    This is my personal opinion and should not be construed as a legal opinion or the opinion of this forum. Always consult your lawyer/ legal experts on such issues. This is not the right forum for dealing with such issues or support.

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